New Steyr Scout, Multiple FAL, G3 variants + Returned guns + more [Test place news #24]


I don’t think the maps can be loaded by voting for them btw. Unless you see a number where the map name should be then you can’t vote for it.


Yeah, I’ve never seen them come in the voting yet.



Time to pwn some noobs twice as hard.

Hopefully the maps were redesigned for 32 players, as fitting 32 players on a map designed for 10 is a little ludicrous.


MG3/MG42 screeching


laughs in normandy


Baseplate Map
Literally impossible to rush


Uh oh! new DMR in the test place!

its another Ak-12 Varient.

MP1911 can now attach primary attachments.


I knew it





Ak12 PDW and bolt action is the only missing variants.

Oh boy



I’d unironically like an AK-12 bolt-action if only to see how it would work.


Darkman there are new balance changes. What happened?


If anyone has snapshots of the CoR 5 maps in PF, would anyone like to provide them?


About that… you need a Dev in order to play the map. I played the D-Day map and an another one that I could not identify. It was very laggy.


Oh. Well that sucks.

No snapshots?

Also, either one of two things may happen;

  1. CoR 5 remaster will finally happen.

  2. The 8 maps supposedly in the test place will be remastered to fit PF’s higher quality standard.


New complete cancer map in the test place RIGHT NOW.


i was a British soldier so yeah, i ended up attacking


British Germans existed? :thonk:




on D-Day, the attacking forces on normany and various other beaches were Canada, Britain and USA. since i was holding the L2A3, it gives me the right to sip tea and scoff on my inferiors


It. Looks. Fucking.