New Steyr Scout, Multiple FAL, G3 variants + Returned guns + more [Test place news #24]


this is making me have high hopes since it’s recoil is high as hell


excuse me w h a t


w h y t h e f u c k ?


Hits to kill is not affected though. It’s still 35-25 damage.


Is the recoil significantly reduced?

Also what fire rate did the MSG get lowered to?

And if the MSG turned out to be a dissapointment… At least there’s still the PSG1…


It has a pretty high recoil, but it kicks back really fast, so I say that it’s still a good recoil (especially if you equip attachments)

400 to 355, Not too much big deal.

I still like it alot, Yes, there’s still the PSG-1, which is the gun I wanted in the game, but we got it’s variant, which is okay too.
(I’m gonna be honest with this one, I rather the MSG90 over the SA58 SPR, THIS DOESN’T MEAN I DISLIKE A FAL VARIANT)


at this point stylis would probably balance pf by deleting it


I wanted PSG-1!
We got variant!

I am NOT letting it go now!


The ppk is a oversized glock at this point


Oversized Five Seven*



Thats sad oof


I still want my PKP and MP9


I want my Frying Pan, Five-seveN, Bunch of other pistols, M1918 BAR.


BUT THEY BETTER ADD THE SVK-12 DMR TO THE GAME. and no more ak-12 variants will be in-game unless they add a AK sniper…


Adds MP-12, Being an AK-12 PDW.


Bet if they add a ak pdw to the game.


Hold on…



I guess technically the PPK-12 in-game now will just be the PK-12



SA58 is just an SKS reskin


just made a concept Ak pdw :