New series. Pick the gun part 1- Assault rifles

    • akm
    • ak47
    • ak74
    • scar l
    • aug a1
    • aug a2
    • aug a3
    • l85a2
    • an 94
    • as val
    • ak12
    • m16a3
    • m16a4
    • trash m231…oof
  • famas

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Of course I pick the AK 47


You call my M231 trash???

  1. Spell Assault Rifles.
  2. Forgot a few guns.
  3. I vote HoneyBadger


OOF I tried that gun in the test place the recoil and the bullet wastage could probably kill u quicker that the gun itself


I can actually handle it, surprisingly.
You need a suppressor, canted delta, and a VCOG.
Use the Delta for ADS, but most of the time just hipfire at the enemy.
It’s much easier to tame the recoil in hipfire, and you can actually use the spread to your advantage.
I recommend you use it in close-range maps such as metro.


Well I’m only rank 47 so I wont have it for another 76 ranks…




cuz u cant aim
its op as hell
Well if u pur it in semi lol


Why cant u understand ive only used it once




Scar L is my beauty…


I fancy myself a Modified M16A4 that is called a C7A2


I don’t see a GEE thirty-six on this here list…


I Actually use VCOG, Muzzle Brake, 2 Red Lasers.

I tapfire ADS as a DMR.
Hipfire close as a PDW.


no G36


It’s auto only


M16A3 ftw


iveonlyused it a few times


Thers no semi on it lmao