New Maps of Phantom Forces


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When, and where?


This was a while ago, how is it going on making it though?


Released a test build that is very unfinished for the map competition. It still is crap but decided to submit it anyways.

Even though there is like 27 Harbor map submissions:


Hey man, it looks pretty nice though. Good luck on it and have fun! Im sure i asked you this question a while back but what did you design the map with?


The basis for the format was my imagination, and I just used PF props and other stuff to make the buildings. I just used the triangle terrain generator plug-in for the terrain. Ill eventually get around to finishing it, but as it is right now the project is at the point where I am making my own props for it now and not PF one anymore. The Crane was a pain in the rear and was consisted of regular parts, back when I was a noob and didnt use gap-fill.


Noice, I’ve made some 3d designs before. Nothing with terrain yet though. What hardware did you use? I design with sketchup but I don’t think it would be easy to make terrain in it.


To be completely honest, I just use the Plugin within Roblox Studio to generate the terrain for me, then I move the terrain around to elevations I like it at.

I personally have not seen the whole video but it looks promising in the sense of guidance for modeling in studio. For just terrain modifications and creations, skip to 17:20 roughly in the video.

If you do not know how to install the plugin used, which is:

Instructions for installing Plugins:

Also another building tip, Roblox tends to mess up unions, so don’t use a lot of them, they lag, a lot.

My whole plugin list:

  • Gap fill
  • Triangle Terrain


Lol cool, thanks, I’ll check this stuff out as soon as possible.


Thats cool