New Maps of Phantom Forces


I should be able to do it at some point or figure out a way to make the leaderboard for that game mode just be one list, but the spawns again would be the issue on the smaller maps.

As for the Jungle Map @Demonfire84 it would be interesting but I would not know how to even begin with that or work out the game mode locations and such.


recommendation i guess for approaching a jungle map would be: maybe Endor like tree structures but in a jungle? (also can-colliding a lot of the foliage so the game doesn’t have to render physics for them.) I don’t know much about roblox studio so im not gunna pretend to know but there’s my 2 cents on it.


I would probably try to add some stuff like that, but I would need to keep in mind that it is a jungle so sniping would not be useful ,-,

Could always put a small logging site in the jungle or something I guess : |


I like the idea of the logging site. and i suppose snipers would snipe eachother in trees…similar to crane site when people glitch onto the giant radio tower


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same, i was scrolling through trying to see what you said that prompted that. XD


Anyway…@BattleWiner, the could you add a small feature? This would be that the silo is actually empty inside and that there is a ladder leading to the inside, as well as multiple secret tunnels and firing slits inside walls, sort of like the bunkers on the old Base Luna map. Also, is it just me, or does the map strikingly resemble Ravod?


Here it is…


I could always add a natural tunnel or base it in Vietnam forest/Jungle area with Charlie Tunnels.


Make it so that you can’t move around inside without crouching.


That might work too, just depends on the height and I am not sure if that would work because if you stood up in the tunnel with the movement system you would glitch through the wall or something.


Make it so you CANT at all. Like, if you pressed “C” nothing would happen.


PF movement system would not allow that I believe : |


Fuck the devs.


That is their option for the movement system, it just doesnt detect objects there, and it would most likely cause a sideshotting effect where you would fly off.


any changes to the movement system will make me cry a lot. It’s my favorite part of the game and i have 15k kills with the scarssr…let that sink in



Map competition anyone <3


That’s not fair you would win xD


Wait nvm @FreeenchFries is rlly gud at m4ps