New Maps of Phantom Forces


Taking shape!


I can literally see elements from Ravod, Revamp, Desert Storm and the idk when they will release but whatever Docks…


@MrGarfield26 Yeah there are some elements but the buildings are just being used as a main structure, I edited Garage a bit and so did Office Building. Ravod building is having a COMPLETE Remodel so Ill be working on that and probably will have that in the next update photo’s

@Hellside Ill try to do that haha.

@CoolSlate27_2 Thanks, the models are from some of the other maps but they will be majorly tweaked. Office and Garage is basically already done with being remodeled and might add some props in them. Ravod Building will no longer look like the Ravod Building upon completion. The Terrain is going to be on two of the four sides. two sides have water and the other two will have some tree’s on hills that surround that side of the harbor. Might add a tunnel for looks that you cant access. You can go on some of the hill but not all of the hill.


Nice! Can’t wait to see it when it’s done!


It would be a good idea to add maybe a ship that would add some sniping points? idk but let me know what you think


Can you make the map efficient for feeding and add trickshotting areas?


Cool img man!


@little17sean Ill be trying to add some sniping points on the ship to be added later on.

@Hellside Its seems to me that some of the buildings should be good for trickshotting and maybe the Cranes, But we will have to see later on.

@Snip4life Thanks, Again Credits for that go to Mar PDW for that Image.


This map is going to be great :grin:


Loving this build so far!

But I have a little concern. Where did you get this from? Or how did you perfectly mirror its design?


I’m pretty sure those are the tanks from crane site/revamp.


Maybe Shay made a free Silo model?

Well, I’m not sure…

But I do know that this is going to be amazin…


@Torush1 @ILIEKTRAINZ @MrGarfield26 looked at the distance of the angle on the Silo and then figured out the relative curve of the stairs. Was easy, just getting them to fit right was awful. Then Same with Ravod. Only Things directly dropped are Office that I completely changed and Garage, which are completely edited. Made sure they are clean models with nothing attached and if they did, deleted them out.

Development is at a standstill due to Papers due soon so Ill get rolling on some updates In a week.


Great :smile:

Waiting for the DEVS to see this


how’s it going on this dude? it’s been a while since i checked in with you.


dead topic?


Seems like it.


Yeah, I started on Chernobyl so Ill be making a thread on that later on.

Ill be making a thread for an animation I am attempting to create for The lobby as well.


Can you add a jungle map, & a Free4all mode


He has a lot on his plate it seems. I’m not saying those aren’t good ideas but it’s a lot of work for one guy.


They already said that a FFA mode may not be possible on some of the smaller maps so I dont think that would be added unless they were to test it in the CTE.