New Maps of Phantom Forces


Good thinking. Your going to have a loading dock too right?


Really liking this build so far. Maybe consider placing flare A in the power station, B not so blatantly open, and C inside the warehouse? Just a few ideas on objectives.


I’d prefer B to be wide open as it might be the most contested point of the entire map…

I mean, what is fun without an open point?

looks at Crane Site KOTH


Seriously though, PF won’t be fun without chaos…


I liek the map. It looks gorgeous. Only ONE Problem. It needs more train.


Use Battlefield 4 Maps 4 advice.


Yes it does doesn’t it!? Also he is, that is part of making this topic. It’s to get help and figure out the terrain. :wink:


Dragonvalley for advice would be nice (use the port part) Maybe I might go for a game of rush and take a few pics.





@MrGarfield26 One in the Dock and one at sea for the ships. Dock will have a ton more stuff, just making main structures for objectives first.

@Torush1 Ill figure out the placement of the flares closer to when I have more of the details done so I know how to place the cover around the objective to allow enemies to attack it from only a few directions.





This looks like what @BattleWiner is working on.




Not really using it as a model for the actual map, Ill give a update when terrain is finished surrounding it.


Alright then! Good luck. :smiley:


Updated Screenshots

Still adding major Buildings and Major details.


Best of luck and wishes to the rest of your splendid map development. I really like it and think StyLis Studios should consider it. :smiley:


Yeah, issue is it is bigger than Crane site revamp, but should hopefully run smoother and have more diverse gameplay.

My point is to allow people to snipe but it also has its pitfalls, somewhat forcing people to not be always on them.


Oh sh1t your map has gone from a crane to a really good map! All that i will say is that it looks like the models are from the other maps so maybe you can tweak the models so they seem more fitting and orignal
also 1 queestion:
What is the terrain of the map gonna be?


Make it look like you copied kinetic code by makIng it so detailed it makes little children’s small weak skrub tops explode to the moon Pls