New Maps of Phantom Forces


So far I have began to develop some maps for Phantom Forces that I would like some input on. I have begun a Harbor style map that is going to have a mixture of the new and the old in terms of buildings and map layout. Another map that I am planning on beginning is a Warehouse map with an interior and an exterior that is included in the map, it will be of decent size and there will be the ability for multiple classes of weapons to be practical for use. Any other suggestions are welcome for maps. Remember I am not an developer for Stylis Studios and they may or may not be implemented.

Image of Harbor construction so far:

Community ROBLOX game

Sounds pretty cool, we have thought about trying to make some community maps but no one has done anything really. Also, can you figure out how to use your built in screen shot short cut on you device? It would help a lot because when i click on that it doesn’t blow up. Also i would like to see more of the map! Thanks for posting this and welcome to the forum!


Your Welcome, I have only began on the most challenging part of the build so far, the Crane, due to it being built from scrap. The progress will increase further along as I use pre-built stylis buildings that may be edited.


Hm cool, i do agree that it will need a lot more work and some more views but very good. Also there are a few people on this site who know how to code and can help you. I’m not to shabby with architecture but i’m not very familiar with how to build in roblox and don’t know how to code much.


@himtim @BattleWiner

Don’t worry, I got your backs… :smiley:

I may not be the best but in Minecraft, I can build proper houses in scale, I hope my knowledge of architecture can help you guys


yeah :smiley: also when i said “not to shabby” i meant i’m pretty decent at it. But that’s cool your on!


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There most likely would not be any major coding that goes into it since it is just a map, the only issue is trying to find the amount of detail that would make it look good and the functionality of the map to allow the teams to be balanced based on the positioning on buildings and locations of cover.


Well after getting the outline finished and if Stylis excepts the map then it would be up to them to finish it.


any thoughts about team create?
(adding people and work together)

alone is hard. :3


probably, but im not going to really have any time as of now to do that. With school, sports, etc. Maybe it would when i’m out of school, but i’m kinda an out doors guy.


That’s kewl


So Far on the Harbor ,p,


For terrain, use the triangle plugin. It’s literally what the devs used to make most of the maps. Using separate blocks as the terrain is extremely difficult to piece together accurately. Also, please use more saturated colours when colouring in the terrain. The colour you used for the sand is extremely cliche/overused.

You don’t have to saturate the colours, but it looks a little nicer. Adding a SurfaceGui and dimming a frame to change the colour is a great way to richen the colour. Observe the following image, comparing two parts; one without and one with the SurfaceGui:

I used the same colour and texture on both bricks but added a SurfaceGui and so I could add a frame with 0.7 transparency and change it to whatever colour. However, the same process would have to be used for every other terrain block, which could get tiring, but it looks that much better. You might have to change which side you put the frame on, though. This is a property of SurfaceGui. I used the “Top” side for this example.

Other than that, looking forward to what the map will become. Great build so far. ^-^


Thanks, Ill look into doing that for the major textures of the game to put forth a higher level of detail on the parts.


You are amazing, my man. It is about time we get some Palm Trees, and A BODY OF WATER IN GENERAL.¬ГΩ¤ฯ:-P :-\ :’ -( :-\ :stuck_out_tongue: =:O >:) (:V) ^^[]<>~¬¿÷[¥μ¡


it’s a good thing we have someone on the forum that can help…i’m better with really thing that i can build with that aren’t digital. Although i have made some good vids.


There is the main idea for the map concept, small objects for cover are not planned out yet.

I had the idea of having Pro’s and Cons for the map, Snipers can snipe but there are safe places on the ground for people to get across the map, and snipers can somewhat snipe into the game mode centers but the hill and cap locations have cover.

Here is it so far:


Hey it’s starting to look good!


Thanks, reworked the layout a bit, Ill be listing the stuff that I use from stylis Models as I go along but here is what to expect:

Edited Garage
White Vans
Revamped office building
Completely revamped (not sure if it can be considered the same building) One of the Ravod buildings.
Crates in General

Going to add in a place on a hill that is inside the map, Wont have any gamemode caps but since it is elevated position, it will have a great view of the map, which can possibly determine the victory of that match.

Will update once major changes are made.


Seems like it’s starting to take shape!

You are going to add one or two cargo vessels right?

It’ll make the dock more realistic if you do…
Because if you don’t, the dock might look abit dead…
Like nothing happened before this eternal war between Ghosts and Phantoms…