New L96A1 sniper rifle?


So I noticed Phantom Forces is kinda based of BF, no offense meant Stylis, and I decided to investigate this L96A1, also in BF. I looked at the BF stats for it, and decided to slightly alter it, and post it here. I apologize if this has been brought up before, but if it has, I hope I have added more detail to it. Also feel free to criticize all you want, I won’t take it personally.

Instead of making it another one-shot, since BFG-50 and SFG-50 have received a lot of hate, I decided to lower it slightly, making bullet damage cap without torso or head multiplier 89 damage.
I decided to make the minimum damage 61, slightly above BF’s 59, slightly compensating for now OHKO-ing. The max studs is roughly 3100…? please correct me if this is impractical compared to other snipers. I kept the RPM of 43 but increased magazine size to 8, with 40 rounds in reserve. Muzzle velocity would be 900…ish? according to BF stats. Again, please correct me if this is impractical compared to other snipers. When rounds are still present in magazine, I would make reload time 3.3 seconds and reload time when magazine is empty, would be 4.2 seconds. I would make walk speed holding this about 14.6 studs per seconds…? as usual, feel free to correct me. This is about it, please give me feedback.


The L96 is literally just the L115 but in 7.62x51mm instead of .338 Lapua.


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L96- L115 with smaller b00let