New guns proposition

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My proposition (to add to PF):

  • M1911 [Secondary]
  • M1911A1 [Secondary]
  • Colt 1991A1 [Secondary]
  • Ruger AR-556 [Primary]
  • Ruger Mini-16 [Primary]
  • WALTHER P38 [Secondary]
  • M16 [Primary]
  • CZ 75 [Secondary]
  • TC Contender [Secondary]
  • AR15 [Primary]
  • M14 [Primary]
  • Mauser 98 [Primary]
  • Savage 99 [Primary]
  • Marlin 60 [Primary]
  • Savage 110 [Primary]
  • Mossberg 500 [Primary]
  • Winchester SX3 [Primary]


  • RUGER GP100
  • RUGER GP100.22LR
  • COLT 1860
  • FREEDOM 83

This my propositions ;D


I do not approve of this list.




No FAL, No Good.

We don’t all these weapons used by nobody.


We already have that…


And that…

Do you even use anything else besides your BFG? Some of the weapons here are already in the game


I using Hecate II, BFG 50, Honey Bagner, Choice One, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:




“Choice One”



10/10 reason


three guns you suggested are already in pf, and one of them is just a different name for another gun


Yes, good London you really can talk like


Red Flag.

Emojis aren’t cool here. They’re cancerous.

I’m soory


So no aa12 then and by the way i am all for the mk14 to be in the game cause if anyone remembers in mw3 that gun was op as f and i enjoyed it was an one tap instant kill machine


yes. mw3 reference
i played the shit out of it on the wii


Pf should have a mw3 based update



fuckin body seems unclear is this a complete sentence well yes it fucking is


Tbh i would like another WWII bolt sniper
This is the Mauser 98 btw (Gewehr 98)

Image result for Mauser 98

Edit: Oof its a semi-auto rifle ;-;


looks delicious


That’s not a sniper though.


Ok, its not bolt action, its semi which would make it a DMR


give the description of each gun for fucks sake