New Grenades Suggestion


All of these weapons are going to have their stats based off the standard grenades so any reductions will basically take away from the default grenade’s stats.

S.T Grenade: A grenade developed in world war 2 as an anti-tank weapon. It is surrounded by high strength glue, and will stick to any surface it impacts.
Stats & Changes
(Because I don’t have the actual stats for a fucking grenade we are doing this TF2 style.)
-50% explosive radius
+10% faster damage falloff
+Sticks to anything it first impacts, including players.

Stick Grenade: A grenade on a stick developed and widely used by Germany during world war 2.
Stats & Changes
+30% faster speed
+Flies much straighter than a standard grenade
-50% bounce force
-1.5 secs on explosive timer (3.5 sec fuse)
-1 grenade (only 2 per life)

Hafthohlladung: A modified tank-killer grenade that blows through walls.
Stats & Changes
-Cannot be thrown, must be planted on a surface.
+0.5 secs on explosive timer (5.5 second fuse)
-Can only penetrate surfaces up to 2 studs thick
-When a surface can be penetrated, a glowing light appears on the other side of it, signalling to enemies what is about to happen
-Explosion only happens on other side of the wall
-2 grenades (only 1 per life)

Bouncing Betty: A jumping grenade that flies up into the air and detonates.
-Explosion is not a sphere, it is a flat circle with the flat side facing up. Circle has a diameter of 8 studs.
+Explosive damage has no dropoff
+Automatically activates with a very loud click whenever players get within 5 studs of it. 2.5 seconds after activation, the bomb quickly flies up and explodes, instantly killing anyone it damages.
-1 grenade (Only 2 per life)
-Only 2 bouncing betties can be active at a time. If a third is planted, the oldest bouncing betty on the field disappears.
-Cannot be thrown, must be planted on the ground or a surface players walk on.

Molotv Cocktail: An improvised weapon used to set things on fire. Widely known as a weapon that originates from russia, it is comprised of a simple bottle of alcohol, a rag, and a lighter.
-5o% impact damage
+50% longer time to actually light the cocktail
-No fuse, no cooking.
+explodes on impact
-30% range
+Fire lingers for 3 seconds, burning any players who walk in it. Standing in the fire damages players by 15 HP/second.
+Burning players are damaged by 10 HP/second while on fire. Fire goes out after 5 seconds, or after a player goes prone.
+Direct hits set players on fire for 10 seconds, but do not spread fire to the ground near them.
-Hits to walls spread no fire
-Hits to ceilings spread no fire


time to burn the world


No impact grenades?


Nah. Those would be busted to shit. No predictability in your death = unbalanced. You can see a grenade coming and reasonably avoid it. You can’t really avoid an impact grenade.

And cooking is balanced out by having you be vulnerable during the time you are cooking it. Impact grenades have no such thing.

Unfair and unbalanced, thus they should not be included in the game. No nerfs I can send their way will feasibly change this.


Impact grenades but they have like 8 stud radius


Weak, small, but spammable impact grenades that disorients a little bit. Instead of spamming flashbangs that always blind, you have something more direct and can be countered better


i think this would fit in equipments more but heck I’ll say it anyways


-30% damage
-20% blast radius
-50% throwing range
+no fuse/arming i.e can be detonated as soon as it is thrown
+can be detonated at will with a detonator
-1 stick (2 dynamites per life)
-cannot have more than 2 sticks in the battlefield, oldest stick will despawn

-10% Damage
-40% blast radius
-50% throwing range
+no fuse/arming i.e can be detonated as soon as it is thrown
+can be detonated at will with a detonator
-2 packs (1 C4 per life)
-cannot have more than 1 pack in the battlefield

How to throw & detonate

Press G to throw as many of the explosives needed
Press 4 to equip the detonator
Press LMB to detonate


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isnt that a melee


what about those track pad weebs like me?


That explains a lot





Lack of: No random critical hits!

I don’t like the fact of the explosion ra… WAIT…


What will happen to the melee?
Don’t you dare to say to remove it!

No god please no!

I hate that one already.

I approve of this!


FAL grenada


Someone add that!


it is but the real thing explodes and was used in ww2


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Holy hand gernade? Any one



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Hilarious and original. /s