New game should be made by stylis studios


i thin styles studio should made more new game


Learn to recognize the signs of a stroke.


We should wait and let Stylis studios finish phantom forces and COR5 first.


They have quite a lot planned for Phantom Forces yet, then they plan on remaking/fixing CoR 5.
Plus, what would they make?


We have many ideas and many plans but not enough time or knowledge to approach them yet.


Well, Phantom Forces is getting some serious competition soon, so maybe just focus on PF for now? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, if stylis studios did decide to make another game, what should they make?


I don’t know about new games, but they definitely should remake CoR5.


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Ultimate revoove?


Learn to spell but good idea.


Sees emoji DX<


No, I’ll beat you.


Yes I’m reviving this topic but lito why not just divide teams to make other games for stylis?