New Game Mode Idea (by Poodros)


This new game mode is called “Security Breach” (No reference for what happened recently obviously)
It’s based on the Security Breach activity from The Division
It works like this
You basically have to stand close to the Computer’s location site in order to interrupt and eventually stop the Security breach that’s helping the other team steal your data.
Points are won by either staying on the point for more than 30 seconds, getting within the enemy computer’s location site or by killing players that are within the Computer’s location site.
Points are lost by leaving the point without any player presence or letting enemies within your computer’s location site.
Being within the Computer’s Location site marks the player on the radar until the match ends, so if you are planning to camp, you are out of luck, unless you have good teammates.
Computer’s location site can be contested if there’s an enemy within the location site and there’s also an ally. No points will be lost or won if your computer site or the enemy site is contested
Basically King of The Hill but if you leave the hill, you start losing points. And if no one is watching the hill, it’s your lucky day


Sounds fun, would be a intense gamemode if the places weren’t bad.


I like this, this is one of the few new creative game modes in this forum.


the division



Sir that isn’t a word.


that’s the joke mcgee