New Community Testing Environment?

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So… i wanted to know when we will be able to test new guns. i mean it was pretty helpfull and i enjoyed it and wanted to see if we were going to have another. i mean it’s just pure logic that we should have one for the members of the Stylis Studios group. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s the test place… You just gotta wait until the devs add new guns.


test place…


They killed the MP1911 though. So there’s no new guns present.


y doe


M45A1 in “New test place” at Rank 350.

The Original Test place doesn’t even work anymore, It can’t put me into a game.


I-i-is that, an e-e-e-emoji?



emojis were cool at first

but them boyes and girls started putting em in every sentence they say


:rage: no we :angry: didn’t :anger:


[Redacted] oof


sees more than one emoji


cte might come back in the summer?


Could you please explain how that is pure logic? What’s the point in making a whole CTE if only those few people can play it, Especially if there’s already a test place for everybody else?


I wasn’t supposed to be


What I am trying to say is why don’t we have a CTE with all the guns unlocked.


because the testing place is for developers to test, they have no interest in letting people try every gun.

if you wanna test stuff, buy a VIP server on the main game and get enough credits to buy any gun


Hi, CTE Dev here! That wasn’t the point of our test. It wasn’t your personal sandbox, but an enviroment to work on the balance problems the game used to have.


got it
but isn’t it kinda useless to just write the script all over again?




What you described is what a folder is for.