My Wishlist for the "New Steel" Update


How is

Not an attack on him? That’s literally telling him to leave his job, because Camaro doesn’t like him.


Of course now I realize that what you say is, in fact, true, but once again, it’s a matter of perspective.


Telling someone to “get the fuck out of mapping” doesn’t exactly seem like a perspective issue. That quite clearly says “I don’t like you, get the fuck out”




Might I ask,

means exactly what?
Does this mean that @CamaroKidBB seeks a personal vendetta against Shay?
Or does it mean Cam has conceived an opinion because of Shay’s work, thinking that it is inadequate for Phantom Forces’ standards, so therefore Shay must absolutely leave the scene?

I perceive it as point two, but I may as well be wrong.
And yes, the phrase at hand was rather hostile, I do see that now.
The only way we can actually figure this out, is if Cam does in fact state such.


I have no real vendetta. I was a little hot headed when I made that statement. Also, that implies Shay ONLY makes maps for PF. He also makes (and breaks the safeties of) models of guns for PF. Just because I think mapmaking is a little much for Shay doesn’t mean he should get out period.


And a proper rebuttal like this is was all we needed.


You literally said “or get the fuck out of mapping”


I meant in the current game, and when Ruins came out. Maybe there were snippets of community maps around when Ruins was first introduced, but not enough for me to notice it.

Also, flow-wise, Metro is indeed good. However, the core problem of Metro is how freaking often spawncamping happens. It’s always Phantoms camping Ghosts, or Ghosts camping Phantoms, unless it’s Flare Dom where the match goes by too quickly without much damage. Personally, I’d make the side routes to the spawns more cluttered with cover to make it harder for players to traverse into enemy spawns, both navagational wise and getting backstabbed wise.

I’ve only ever recalled po_ke wholly enjoying the map (and even then it’s for easy collats), along with a few other players whose names I don’t remember.

Sure, there can be a map where 90% agree it’s good and 10% agree it’s bad. What about maps where 51% say it’s good and 49% say it’s bad? If you cater to either side, it’s going to be a shitstorm regardless. Also, there’s a reason there’s a whole bunch of maps in PF. No one map can truly cater to all. Otherwise what’s the point of the other maps?

Glad to know Ruins could(?) be revamped further in the future.

IDK if I’m just in the 40% of servers where Metro is infested with spawncampers and that 60% have equal and fair fights.

Granted, the safety issue isn’t immediately obvious to anyone who isn’t a gun nut, or the 1858 series’ cylinder pins not being utilized, or the fact that the Mosin’s clips don’t operate like the Mauser’s. I nitpick. It makes life a tiny bit more enjoyable.

Also, being replaced probably is unrealistic. I would have meant the mapmaking sense only, but I got a little heated and/or tired.

Never had a problem with any map that was being revamped before revamping (besides hill location on Highway Lot, but then semi-auto shotguns and faster-firing high-capacity PDW’s happened).

If you’re having trouble replicating the falling glitch, try melee killing someone, then running to their body as they died. Or vault a lot. It could also do with the head being a solid object and the rest of the body not being solid (with teammates only), hence why two players on top of each other while prone (not dirty as it sounds I swear) float up into the sky. The spawn falling glitch also happens when spawning on a teammate after witnessing said glitch when doing either maneuver, or just randomly.

The 1k+ stud melee bug occurs most often when people are maining melee, and two or more people clutter up, but not enough to all get collat’d traditionally. The glitch is when the melee user kills one, the other ends up dying supposedly from 1k+ studs away.

Mosin outclassing L115? Thanks for the laugh. Since when did the Mosin have a 1-hit torso range that most snipers love to exploit when using the L115 in close quarters? Since when did the Mosin reload in 2.8 seconds? Obrez did, then it got the nerf hammer to CoD: WW2 logic. Mosin’s irons are also a bit more cluttered than the L115’s, and the L115’s 10x scope aims as fast if not faster than most guns with 6x scopes.

My opinions never really were warranted to begin with. I’m no PetRify. Take of that what you will.

Also, never really realized you were trying to fix the issues. Apologies, carry on. Hopefully your next map will be much better than Ruins.


We all say stupid shit when we rage.

Also, by “get out period” I meant get out of PF’s involvement in general, not just mapmaking. Shay made mistakes regarding safeties and the occasional cylinder pin, but then again, so does Call of Duty, and often does far worse.


Shay. Sorry for being so aggressive. I was too triggered for my own good. You’re good where you are.


This topic is getting a tad more aggressive


I’m pretty sure the topic has become mostly benign in terms of heat.
Unless Shay goes through a massive, nonsensical rage not accepting a simple apology, I feel that your statement was useless.


The most aggressive it’s been was me telling Shay to GTFO of map making. He was rightfully defensive, and things have since petered out. Again, the whole heat was on me, and I’m sorry.


Next time don’t argue with the person who added the FAL



Others decide what gets added, too. Especially Lito, Axis, and Hypo, if I recall correctly.


New Steel is probably going to be Rig is my bet and Equipment category.

~Note I only work doing reviews so I have no clue what it is.~


Well, I like the “bad” maps too.

Metro, Suburbia,…

They aren’t that bad.
I just have a hate agains’t… … … Ruins… (No offense Shay, please, We all have our opinions)


All the maps in PF are actually good because of the effort placed into the development of the game itself its either a good map with a lot of detail or a base plate with only one rock for cover i recommend that the arguaments you make are invalid


Not really true. I’d much rather play Baseplate than Ruins, for example, despite the lesser effort in the former map. However, it’s just opinion.


tfw the devs can only make good maps when they are either made for them or stolen


But seriously though, memes aside @shaylan007 I would suggest that for quality of future maps, like I have said before. Stop what you’re doing, look to previous maps, figure out why they are fun to play on, and then use those designs that made them fun in new maps. This way you aren’t just bumbling around blindly and creating the dumbest shit ever like in Mirage, or god forbid the Mirage revamp.