My Wishlist for the "New Steel" Update


Your getting your hopes up. I have a feeling your going to be disappointed.
Devs have been out of school for a few months, The CTE and UI took an incredibly long time to make, I doubt they’re going to make something that big in only a few months.


We all can get our hopes up, but try to keep them grounded and in control.
Maybe it will have equipment and all your wildest dreams, but maybe not.
Honestly, I think its just going to be loads of guns and maps.


My map?

I doubt they will add the Minecraft versions of my maps.


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Why would he? That is just silly mate.


Blizzard is kinda good, Rig is fucking amazing, Black Site (Operation Locker inspired(?)) looks promising, all three of which are fan-made, proof enough that Shay should just move, bitch, get out the way when it comes to making maps.

New animations… Eh, probably not. So much as I want a more accurate animation for the AR-15 series (also not being on fucking safe), Mosin-Nagant (it’s not a Mauser ffs), and 1858 series (use the fucking cylinder pin goddamn it).

Character customization: Jas.

Equipment: They said it, but like with melee nerfs and falling glitch fixes, it’s all probably a lie.

More game modes: If it isn’t Kill Confirmed (or something similar) or any party game mode (e.g. Gun Game, Sticks and Stones, FFA), then it’ll be a clusterfuck of dipshit dumbass teammates that I (or rarely my friend dood) have to inevitably carry even though I just want to do my thing. Guaranteed.

Better looking GUI? Sure, I’d love a background for the menus, but that’s it. The GUI in its current state is servicable. Think of it as “boring, but practical.”


List, MK II

  • General rebalancing.
  • Reanimation/Rebalance of the L115A3, AWS and Mosin to be far slower
    (You can’t cycle a Mosin that fast, and L115A3 + AWS for balancing reasons)
  • Mosin to be far less accurate
    (give OBREZ rng, yet toned down)
  • New maps
  • MP 40, MP1911, etc…


Gamemodes: like above, clusterfuck of dipshit dumbass teammates unless it’s something like Kill Confirmed or party gamemodes.

General rebalancing: Good luck having the L115 nerfed. I’ll eat my shorts if they actually manage to effectively nerf the obligatory OP British sniper rifle. I’ll also eat my shorts if they remove or otherwise nerf baltrak exclusively for sniper rifles. Every attempt at nerfing baltrak thus far just made it worse for automatic rifles, with each nerf making snipers the more obvious choice to use baltrak with.

  • Also, yes, you can cycle a Mosin that fast. Not all Mosins have sticky bolt. Hell, not even all 91/30’s have sticky bolt. That issue is caused solely by cosmoline buildup within the bolt. Any Mauser-based system can cycle about the same speed as the Mosin, as far as I understand, the Mosin action is a simpler version of the Mauser action (or vice-versa, but replace “simpler” with “more complex”).
  • Mosin nerf: Every gun in the game (sans shotguns, Obrez and SFG) is perfectly accurate upon the first shot. Why give a designated SNIPER RIFLE spread while something like the AN-94, MP5 or even ZiP 22 have no spread sans recoil? Although I do agree about the Obrez spread being buffed; about unnoticable until 200 studs away.

New Maps: Again, new maps are promising, with Rig possibly replacing Desert Storm as my favorite map, if not ruling side-by-side. Take notes, Shay, or get the fuck outta mapmaking.

MP40: Hell to the yes.

L2A3: Still good-ish, but hey.

MP1911: One word. M93R.

G3: not interested unless it’s burst fire.

FAL variants: Not seen yet, but my favorites would be the LMG variant (which would be the first full-power mag-fed LMG in the game, which stokes me) or the “pistol” variant (which would theoretically be the first full-power carbine, which along with possible troll gun status also stokes me). However, the base battle rifle eventually bored me, and that is what I fear what would happen to the other FAL variants if they aren’t interesting or otherwise bad.


New Maps: Again, new maps are promising, with Rig possibly replacing Desert Storm as my favorite map, if not ruling side-by-side. Take notes, Shay, or get the fuck outta mapmaking.

Honestly what the fuck. I made the Desert Storm map, the fact that your calling me out for shitty maps is petty. Sure there are some maps I feel are weaker than others but at the same time, try explaining to me what constitutes a good map and how you’d go about making one for a 32 player server. Something you’d think would work just might not in practice (Because of our abnormally large player count).Aside from that pretty sure my good contributions to Phantom Forces outweigh the bad ones, I’d go as far to say Phantom Forces wouldn’t be where it is now without some of my involvement. Just telling me off like you are now gets me nowhere. I’ll read posts but when it comes to non constructive comments you’ve lost my respect.

Publicly addressing this last week


I still like you.
You make good maps and guns.

Ur my fav dev.


Shays my building role model. We disagree on different things, but I still like him.



Maybe I was being a little petty and rude. I shouldn’t have been that rude tbh. I almost forgot you made Desert Storm since you also made Ruins and Metro and they were the center of my mind at the moment.

Also, I just felt that you were feeling the mapmaking equivalent of ‘seasonal rot.’ Of course you made good maps, but the Metro came, the maps after were good-ish but mostly mediocre, and then Ruins was just terrible. Again, sorry for being rude, but letting someone else design maps would let some stress off of you, so that you wouldn’t have to deal with potentially making a map worse than both Ruins and Metro.

But here’s a rundown of maps from Metro to Ruins.

Metro: very linear and easy to get to each other’s spawns. Hell, one of the spawns is literally right next to the enemy’s spawn. Spawncamping is common to the point where it’d shock me if it didn’t happen.

Warehouse: A little good, but nothing too stand-out-ish, besides the first map set entirely indoors being good.

Suburbia: Used to be promising, then the snipers complained. Now instead of being a counterpart to Mall which kinda seems lonely, it’s a map like any other with obligatory camping spots galore and a bajillion ways to get sniped.

Dunes: I’d argue the same problems as Metro, but more open-ended, which means more snipers. Perhaps not so bad for expert flankers, but I’m talking about the variety of sniper that’s at least half competent.

Ruins: Funny enough, it’s almost the opposite of Metro, which woulf be theoretically good, right? Well, sans spawncamping, Metro is easy to learn via linear, smooth flow. No flow whatsoever for this map, and if there was a number bigger than infinity, it’d describe the ways to get shot or stabbed in the back. Also obligatory camping spots, but thankfully they were toned back a bit. Still didn’t fix the core problem with the map, which is lack of flow. Also, I feel too much time was spent hyping it and not enough time making it good. Also, let’s leave the rest at ‘there’s a reason Verrukt and Der Riese were never made into multiplayer maps in Call of Duty.’

What I think a good map should do:

Spread-out spawns: not to the point where one or two would literally be right next to the enemy, but spread out enough to where spawncamping would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

Versatile gameplay: Sure, let snipers have their fun, but let other classes shine, too. Adequate cover to use against snipers, but not too much. Closed spaces for CQB, but not too close to where melee would be the only viable option (if it should even be viable lmao).

Some verticality: Maps in CoD don’t have the issue of dealing with 32 player servers for their CQB action, so increasing verticality is the next best solution. It also forces the player to be a bit more aware to succeed in CQB.

Of course, it doesn’t have to do all to be amazing (Desert Storm barely has any verticality beyond buildings that are 3 stories at most). However, Ruins and Metro nearly avoid all of that criteria. Ruins at least avoids the spawncamping problem, but it plays like crap. Metro is a spawncamping clusterfuck, but otherwise plays smoothly.


Why am i always doomed to be the guy who likes all the bad maps? Right when I started to love warehouse, everyone started complaining about it. The same has gone for suburbia, ruins, dunes, and metro on some occasions.


All i want from new steel is a map i can agree with and genuinely enjoy at the same time.

…and the mp1911 for main game


we kind of achieved that with Mirage, but seeing more of this would be enlightening


Except Mirage is a longer ranged map, so verticality wouldn’t have made it better or worse, IMO.


Just an analysis.

Well who else makes maps for PF? Well, besides xa_os, who only made Mirage thus far. IDK about the others. If only one person is making maps for PF, of course I’ll say that one map is best and one (or two in your case) is worst. Although the language of which I said it wasn’t the best, making a map that far surpasses even Desert Storm in quality will be the only way to get the bad taste of Metro and Ruins out of my mouth. (I’m talking about gameplay, not about how beautiful it looks.)

See my previous comment responding to this. Also, not Metro or Ruins.


True. Your modelling is outstanding (except when you break the safeties and/or forget the triggers), and you made some good maps and occasionally an outstanding one. Then Metro happened and nothing was the same in regards of mapmaking. Some mediocre maps and the occasional good one. And then Ruins happened and I’m losing faith in your mapmaking skills, hence the comment. You still make good models though (albeit with rookie mistakes like putting the AR-15 series on safe, even though you got it right pre-remodeling.).

That said, did you ask around about how important your involvement is or did your ego just get the better of you? Because there’s plenty more modelers around, and some actually pay attention to whether an AR-15 series gun is on safe or not.

I guess I should have been more specific. Also comforts me to know that you spend time watching salty kids comment bad stuff about your worst maps rather than, say, make said worst maps like Ruins better (better flow is the obvious one), or Metro better (in fact a fan is doing that for you). You’re probably not a bug fixer/finder, so I’ll let you easy regarding the falling glitch, melee 1k+ stud kill glitch, and I know you have nothing to do with balancing so I certainly can’t blame you for the shitty melee balance or the L115 that Lito obviously learned nothing from CoR 5 about.

Also, I never thought I made an impact that you’d give a damn about, considering I’m a mere player of a game you helped make, and I otherwise have no impact on the game’s direction or any impact at all beyond just being a Wiki editor and a random commenter.

If it truly gets you nowhere, then why’d you waste your time typing a response? And if I’ve lost your respect, I don’t recall you ever giving a shit about my opinions to begin with.


Mp-40? no? ok.


A response to your analysis

As of right now we’re curating community maps for Phantom Forces. I’m involved in that process, going through submissions and prepping them for the game. That doesn’t mean I’ve fully stopped projects of my own though. I’m also sure that your opinionated when it comes to what makes a map good. I agree with you Desert Storm is one of my favorite maps in the rotation. But at the same time Metro seems like a pretty solid map to me as well, and I know i’m not alone in that statement.

I looked through that post and you do make some good points, although like I said in my last statement you don’t know shit until you test it out. For instance where is “Vertical Gameplay” in the Desert Storm map. One of the reasons I’ve pushed for map voting in-game for the last year or so is so instead of watching for post critiquing what’s wrong with a map I can see how often it’s played. That way I’m not taking a minority into consideration thus making the map worse for the majority. Understandably the perfect map would cater to everyone, I’m just unsure how to go about doing that since it seems people are unpredictable (Something that makes one map good might ruin a map for somebody else)

Again, metro is one of the maps that’s played semi frequently. I have a few ways I can go about changing the map, but as of now it’s not a priority of mine. Ruins I already went through a few months ago and changed a few things about it. I’ll address other issues I have with it in the future.

If you don’t think i’m up for developing Phantom Forces, your entitled to that opinion. I’d still argue that how you feel about maps is extremely biased though, It’s based on your own experience while playing the game not others. Sure some of my models have issues, but it’s not like they’re obvious to the end user. Not sure if many Modelers would have worked on a game that could only use Roblox’s Solid Modeling to make every gun in the game. In which there are about 90. Sure I may have spoken out of line when it comes to talking about my contributions to the game, but I’ve been with this project pushing 3 years now. Thinking i’d up and be replaced by another person is unrealistic. If your unhappy with my work on the game, nobodies forcing you to play it.

It helps to be up to date with what the community talks about. I’m not sure why I wouldn’t value that? It’s something I feel is important as a game developer to know what’s going on. Why would we host this forum otherwise?

What do you call the revamped maps? They where made to address problems players had with the previous renditions of those maps. I’m only one person I’ll delegate my time to what I feel will help us as a game. The falling glitch can only be fixed if we know what causes it. If you can’t replicate it, it’s nearly impossible to fix, that is if fit’s not a roblox bug… Other than an exploit i’m not aware of 1k+ melee bug, unless the person actually did kill you and it took enough time to register that you were already in the spawn box. And weapon re-balances are being worked on as of now. Although I see little issue with the L115, seems like the mosin outclasses it.

Considering I read this regularly, I responded because of the level of disrespect that seemed to come out in both of your responses. Seemingly attacking me, but as stated your entitled to your opinion of me. I just don’t see why it’s warranted if i’m trying my best to fix the issues.


Shaylan double-aught seven has contributed tons to the game, that part is very true.
People flunk, which is also true, we’re only human. Add on college to that and you’ve got a pretty nasty brew there.
But Camaro.

What in the goddamn?
We, as a community, have clamored for more Dev involvement.
Well here it is bud, but you’re bloody ungrateful about it.


Such a minute detail compared to the vastness of this game, is it not?
I’d agree with you if it weren’t for the fact that the hands are literal BLOCKS where the triggers, are obscured.
You do bring up a point about safeties, but animating is literal hell (or so what I’ve been told)

Overreacting much, Shaylan?
Yes, while

could have been worded far more properly, and is far too hostile to be acceptable, there is another side to this coin; you are far too defensive when it comes to critique, no matter how minute it is.

In the words of Hackafiskende, in a far different situation many moons ago within the discord on 8/28/2017:

Alas, it is all in the eyes of the person.

Furthermore, proving my point.
And while, yes, what I may see as simple critique you may see as disrespect, there is absolutely no reason for us to grant you respect just because you hold such a high position. What does grant my own respect, is the fine work you’ve done, and have been doing for the past three years of development.