My Wishlist for the "New Steel" Update


The G3 is in Unit 1968, but the Type 64 isn’t.


if you play as Viet Cong Assault, you have the option of the Type 64, unless they have removed it.

EDIT: I mistook the Type 64 with the Type 63. oof me


New map in the test place:
Black Site

Do not click this if you don't want to be spoiled.

This map seems to be a facillity or maybe a prison inside a mountain, You are high up the mountain and a war between the Phantoms and Ghosts have started there.


Verticality and CQB focus?

If Rig is a sign of anything, it’s that this type of map is almost perfect for Phantom Forces in terms of CQB while also not being overwhelmed by the max player count.


What are they adding the AA-12 oh god think of the spraying…


I think back to warehouse, this is how I think warehouse war was started.

“No its my turn to use the airsoft field”
“no fit me”


Sounds change based on if you are outside or inside.

How would Hecate sound like?


Actually I’ve got a system like this done. I’ll post a video in a bit.




  • Rebalancing of weaponry and maps.

  • Revamped attachment system
    (I wan’t a BT on my slug shotgun!)

  • Scope reticle customization

  • MUH MP 40!

  • More revolvers
    (Looking for a Colt Python)


Gamemodes I agree.

Rebalances of melee and L115 especially I agree with.

I’d only want to see reticle colors customizable. Reticle customization would make other sights obsolete.

I agree with MP40; it’s far more versatile than the L2A3 in the place.



What I wouldn’t give for the L115A3 to be slow, yet extremely accurate.


I’d expect a trade between the R700 and L115 in terms of mobility, reload speed (but not animation), and scope-in time (Remington 700 in reality is actually quite a lightweight rifle).

AWS can keep its statistics. Bullet drop actually balances it a bit. L115 on the other hand…

Sick and fucking tired of Paradox wannabes using sniper rifles like shotguns. I’ve actually seen more Paradox wannabes than I have seen shotguns.


add med packs and you’re ready to play BFV but in roblox


Let’s go boys



But wait.

What about their promise about not revealing release dates for updates?


when have stylis been consistent with their rules?
Lightsabers, WW2 guns, etc.


they are adding your map


Ironically this is proof that semi-auto AMR’s may come to the game.

They say no, then they say “fuck it, let’s do dis.”

Please no baltrak tho


I feel like this update might be the response to Shellshock (formerly known as Oof Brigade)

Hopefully it introduces new animations, decent maps, character customization, equipment, and more gamemodes. Also a better looking GUI because the one they have now is boring as hell.