My Wishlist for the "New Steel" Update


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hype inb4

Ok, hype aside, seems we are finally getting a new frickin hella



legit, if it was announced that way, it means it is big. Stylis has never done this before.

So, here’s my wishlist for the update

Wait, didn’t introduce it properly

Ahem… clears throat at 1000th dimensional levels


(person whomst copy this title be extreme gay, no way of escape from it)

1. ) Add MORE gamemodes

The Community has been suggesting this for years now. Even I made up some gamemodes. (One of them is on re-working)

(dunno how to turn urls into words sorry)(idk if it came out ok or not)

Legit, I hope that “New Steel” brings more gamemodes. We have been playing the same gamemodes for 4 and a half years now (Too much time lmao congrats Stooleez)

2. ) Equipments

Please. PLEASE

You have had that slot empty for 2 years now. We need something to fill its void

I have made some dank suggestions myself

(dunno if it came out ok x2)

Equipment would be really nice to see implemented in-game and it would suit the title.

New Steel.

Steel from Weapons

New Steel. New Weapons

New Weapons wouldn’t only be more guns but also more tools for our battles.

3. ) Character Customization


We all want it. We have all been wanting character customization for years.

(i have been wanting those sweet Multicam Black camoed clothes on my pf boi for years)

Also made suggestions for this, as well as MANY other people

As well as I also made a concept for it, as many other people have done before I did

(BloodDragon also made one, problem is that I cant find the post link, so I will leave the picture here)


It would be really nice to see

4. ) Community Maps

This one is an all-timer but yet, it would be nice to see this

Legit, right now the Map Creation Program has up to 24 maps in production. And some of them are looking really good.

(Sorry but I’m not posting any links since I have no links)

5. ) Community Cases

Would be nice to see this FINALLY made

So there you have it.

My wishlist for the “New Steel” update

Until next time…

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New… steel…?

Is this the update where we get the L2A3, MP40, G3 and MP1911?
Maybe also FAL variants?
Rig? Construction Site? Blizzard?

FAL variants?
New melee weapons?
New grenades?



They are adding hoozers


Some shit I want XDDDDDD

Dedicated party servers (Separate servers for party game modes. Stats carry over completely.)

Hardcore mode servers (Same as main game, but with the following rules: absolutely no HUD (even less than Cinematic Mode), 60 health max as opposed to 100, headshots always insta-kill no matter the weapon, spotting works in 3D only (due to no radar) and no health regen. All stats carry over except kills and deaths.

Removal of the god-awful server-based hit reg in favor of client-based hit reg.

L115 scope-in nerf (with irons) to 13 (scope to 9), Mosin subsequently buffed to 14.5 with irons and lowest at 11.6 with PU-1 and VCOG optics.

On that subject, Obrez should also get an ADS speed buff of 15.5, since it’s not only traditionally faster aiming, but also because the bigger increase is more proportional to how much faster the SFG aims compared to its parent. Empty reload is also changed back to being the same as the tactical reload. That maneuver just makes no goddamn sense.

Removal of ballistics tracker from sniper rifles, SVDS, 1858 Carbine, and Henry .45-70 (since all of these guns can 1-hit kill at any range with perfect accuracy.)

Any manual-action that doesn’t auto-zoom-out when rechambering won’t have to zoom out of a VCOG in order to fire again.

Lasers can be seen from third person. Likewise, lasers in the ‘other’ category can be shut off with “T.”

Torso multiplier capped at 1.0x, so that it cannot be decreased any further than the base damage of a weapon, even if that weapon has a multiplier of 1.1x or less with Hollow Point.

And that’s all I can think of. For now.


What WHAT new steel update dafuq


Shay did an update to the weapons list (finally) and several are marked done not in-game

done Not in-game
Grease Gun
44 Magnum
Mateba Autorevolver
Glock 41
Glock 31
Glock 20

Several guns are in the making, including the :heart: AA-12 :heart:, PARA FAL, Tommy gun, and K14

There is also an attachments tab with some interesting entries.

This update will probably bring all 2.0 maps and new maps, all these guns plus more, hopefully gameplay changes, and other secret features.

I’ll dig a bit deeper to see what I can find out.

BTW, love the marketing like this. Please do this more stylis (and post it on twitter)


Lets hope they balance melees to.


As it is actually just a new texture for all steel items…


That Benelli M1014 would be nice, I always liked that shotgun.
Also excited for the MP40, M3, MP1911, L2A3, FAL variants, HK-416.

I would love to see the PSG1 sniper done
Mateba Autorevolver? Wait whaaat??? Automatic Revolver???
AWS Pistol made me think of another sawed off weapon being the AWS, but it turns out to be a Romanian AK-47 pistol.

I swear, if they get all those confirmed weapons in the Steel Update, that’s gonna be the best update ever.


M1014: SPAS seems lonely, and I’d love to see a lower ranked counterpart. That said however I don’t want it to be obsolete.

HK416: Game-wise, what can the HK416 do that the M4A1 can’t?

PSG1: Ditto with the M1014, but with the SVDS as the lonely gun. Perhaps make it fire faster and/or deal more damage at the cost of a 5-round magazine. Oh, and the HK slap to make it more badass (How to insert strikethrough)balanced.

Mateba Autorevolver: Yeah. From Ghost in the Shell. Also it’s semi-auto only so don’t wet yourself. But I seriously do want this revolver in PF, particularly as a revolver centered around fast reloads and a CQB spammy playstyle (so imagine M1911, but with a 1-hit kill headshot and slightly more damage, with a slightly slower reload and only 6 bullets per fill.)


so what is New Steel?

my speculations is that a Phantom Forces is getting a revamped as an entire game, in what way is what im not sure


Also, in light of the MG42 being added (FUCK YES! YES! YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!)
Buff the MG3’s belt size to 60 rounds. It better justifies the long reload, and makes it act more like an actual LMG than an oversized PDW (granted, a very fun oversized PDW). It also gives the MG3 an edge over the MG42, since the MG42 would probably otherwise make the MG3 obsolete (or have very terrible recoil and/or depressingly low damage). In trade, I think the MG42 should also reload slightly faster at around 6.5 seconds.

TL;DR: Buff MG3 to 60 round belt, make the MG42 out to be the more aggressive variant with a faster reload and (naturally) higher fire rate, at the cost of the 50 round drum and higher recoil. I don’t think it’d hurt to give the second-slowest reloading LMG the second highest capacity in class (sans +1).


Those aren’t suggestions though, Those we’re found in the gun list.


Stats. They weren’t provided at all in the list. Also I was suggesting a buff to the MG3 to make it more relevant to the MG42 which would overshadow it in nearly every way if added without the proposed MG3 buffs.

StyLis should know a fucking thing or two about overshadowing guns COUGH L115 over R700 COUGH


Hmm… :thinking:


Dude new steel sounds like a rainbow 6 operation.
Update format like r6 incoming?
(F.e after new steel something else like uhhh “Covering fire”?)


Only new feature is leaning because stylis refuses to add equipment.


SVT-40 wasn’t on the list and I sad. : (

Type 64 was though, so hey.


u wot

that shit good in Unit 1968


AK12 still not marked as remake :(((.