My opinion on the new maps and CTF gamemode


WEll, this is a topic I have been wanting to make for a while, but I haven’t had the time/experience in the maps to do so. Now I do, and well, this is my thoughts on each map, starting with highway lot.

Highway Lot Revamp

The old map, personally, was bland and old, dating back to almost 2 years ago since initial release. The map features a few new buildings and sightlines, most notably the business office off to the side of the garage. This building is the main spawn when the highway and main office cubicles are taken and can be absolute hell for your team if you get stuck in there. The building provides no external cover for you to leave, and the other surrounding buildings provide perfect sightlines into the spawn to the point where you can watch people spawn in. Moving to the right (focused on the office building) we have the garage. This revamp was perfect personally and gave the garage the perfect feel for my aggressive playstyle. The new staircase makes it seem that slight bit more realistic and adds a bit more of a flank instead of having to funnel onto the ramp. moving upwards now, we get to the main building, nothing much has changed, but there is now a ramp from outside that allows you to easily access the second floor, providing now 2 entrances onto the second floor from the outside. All the way to the right, past the cubicles, we see the new maintenance building. This is a primary spawn location, but the contact points are so focused on the middle of the map that I have spawned there only 3 times out of like 50 games on highway lot. Moving all the way back we see a nice and new highway, with a collapsed sign granting access to the highway from the garage. Personally, I feel as though this should be removed, but it really doesn’t matter as no one really seems to use it. Overall 8/10, they just need to fix the spawns a bit.


This large, mostly CQC map is good in the playstyle, but a few key things poke out of the sand. One is the cancerous locations of both the hill and the flags. The ghosts flag is in an easily defendable position, making it almost impossible to get near, and the phantoms is so lacking in cover that’s its kind of depressing. Overall, the map features a large, two part casino/hotel, and is mainly for cqc. My main complaints with this map are the number of glitch spots. I love abusing these, but when you get stuck under the hill so that way no one can cap the hill/kill you seems a bit unfair. That and the odd sightlines and blocked off jumps, it makes it less fun for me to play and I overall hate it. Spawns seem good, but it can take at most for me, up to 30 seconds to find an enemy from spawn. 6/10, fix the hill and glitch spots and make it a bit better in general, and I might not hate it so much.

Ravod 911 (Bush did it btw)

This map is pure spawn trap hell. The roof of double smokestacks has a clear sightline into nearly every spawn on the map, by the tanks, the forest, and the new spawn location that I affectionately call Hell.

Overall the map update is good. They added cover to the main ladders on the rooftops, so you cant get snied immediately once on the roof. There is plenty of cover on the capture points and is a balanced CTF game mode. On the back of the map, you can see into multiple spawns from your own spawn, forest to tank, and that weird thing that was spewing the spawn box contents on release to Hell. Overall, not too much to say about it other than the fact that the spawns are fucked, so 6/10.

Crane site

fuck crane site at this point, the crane needs to go back in its old position, its pure cancer now, and playing it just isn’t fun unless you spawntrap or like being spawntrapped.

CTF gamemode

This gamemode has already caused problems with the feel of this game, for one, it doesn’t fit with the rest of the modes or play of the game, and the placements are fucked. Some places, like on Rig, have at most 6 points of contact on the flag, while the other has 3, making it harder to defend and attack from one side, and out of 5 games of being on this side, I have lost 4 in a 5-0 game.

Extra thoughts

I want to know why stylis continues to release new guns instead of doing a massive update fixing all the problems that the community has with pf. Sure, I love the scout, it’s the new Mosin and all, but when you add a new gun/guns, more shit gets broken, and more guns are unbalanced. Take the FAL for example, a 3 shot weapon at any range, its bullshit. Or how about the Stevens DB and slugs? Exactly my point. And another thing, their UI is broken. If you try to select a gun for a certain skin that’s on another page, you cannot access it, its just stuck on that page. Or the L115a3’s skin slots, I’m sure they could fix that, or what about the PKA-a sight on the Mosin/obrez

or what about their shit teir bot that just likes to ban people for nothing. Here’s a story, when the bot started banning people for nothing, my friend ButtHurtTryhard was banned for fly hacking while I was playing with him, as a rank 156. He wasn’t fly-hacking, like wtf, why would he on a 156 anyways. They said their bot never failed, but 3 days later after about 50 improper bans, they noticed the bot was wrong, and unbanned most of the people, except for butthurt and a few others because that was “Before their bot made mistakes” and he still isn’t unbanned today. He even made an appeal saying he wasn’t hacking (because he wasn’t) and they denied that, so he decided to lie and say he was hacking, and they denied it, even though drak said that he would be if he was honest and admitted to hacking. Absolute bullshit. Another problem I have is the stylis discord mods. There is a guy there named Forite, an obvious troll that has gotten people muted and warned on multiple occasion, hasn’t been banned. Drak says that he isn’t doing anything wrong, even though like 12 people pointed out rule 7, no trolling, and we were told that if we didn’t stop egging him on we were gonna get muted, even though he is the one egging people on. I can’t believe how bullshit it’s becoming in there.
Another great account is above. Now, its hard to kind of sort things out, but this is what happened. Glosome, a banned user, was pasting their own fat walls of text, and was getting away with it, you know, the basic copypastas, hit or miss, and other. Zzz was egging glosome on at the time, making this whole thing worse, so I set out to set things right by explaining what a copypasta is and how its easy to tell what a copypasta is and if it’s legit. Inamorata, who isn’t a mod, is harassing me to stop harassing Go some, who I am explaining this bullshit to, and miihn decided to mute me for harassment and a fat wall of text when I was simply explaining what he was warned for. I do realize that I kind of overreacted, but this was because Glosome was warned 2 days before this convo and he was still fucking on about it. So, Mihhn, instead of muting both of us, mutes me and gives Glosome a verbal warning to shut the fuck up about something that happened 2 days prior.


Oh, I know Ina. He’s a salty boi who bashes on people for using certain guns he doesn’t like. Tell him you’re a friend of mine, and he’ll leave you alone.


Discord Shit completely overshadows PF shit


I see what you did there…


What happens if I say to Ina that I like FAL?