Music Thread

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Talk about your favorite music/ artists here.
I like to listen to Illenium, Gryffin, and similar artists.
Ill put a list of my fav songs from them
Fav illenium remix:

Fav mashup:

Fav song:

Fav Gryffin remix:

Fav song:

Honorable mention for both:


My Favorite <3



Oasis, best band ever.


No best band is Queen.


These never get old:


I listen to Soundcloud music, fite me


apparently this just popped up



Gryffin is the pianist
I like how Gryffin is going for a pop EDM style without being over the top. Which is why I despise any sort of mainstream music except for a few artists.


isn’t gryffin the one who collabed with illenium for Feel Good?


is this a post, where I haven’t shoved in my shitty ass music?

I like System of a Down
good band




Welcome To The Party By Diplo
Esskeetit By Lil Pump
FEFE By 6ix9ine
SAD! By xxxTentacion
These are temporary, probably going to change soon. I constantly change favorite songs as I find them


why this song so fucking catchy