MSG 90 iron sights

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Because you can’t remove the sights on G3-based guns unless you do extensive gunsmithing. It’s not like rear sights on an AR-15, where they’re easily replacable with the right tools.


Wait. Isn’t the Beowulf TCR better than the MSG?


TCR fires and reloads faster, but MSG has an infinite 2-hit torso kill range, and better ballistics.


But why then are the G3 sights removed when you put a optic on them then?


Ask Shay

If I were in charge of modeling to an extent, all the MP5/G3 models would have permanently attached iron sights.


the reason 80% of the sights on the M4/m16 are useless


“Oh no there’s a bit of the iron sights in my rds looks like it’s completely useless then.”


: Z-point and the EO tech sights


msg min damage was nerfed, get far enough out and you’ll need a hs+bodyshot for a 2hit


second image’s chat is pretty great