Most Kills in One PF Match?


Damn it you beat me with 162 kills …

Time to get back into the grind haha


why you always lying
stop fu**in lyinnnn




Your late stop reviving old threads.


I can if I want…
It’s still intresting
If you want me to stop reading it how did you know I was reading this…


I suck

Had like 82 kills and 9 deaths

dont hate on my bad skills



That was slightly worst than my 85 to 15 game with the SCAR PDW

Until my 101-13 game with the AK 47…


It’s the RULE the mods and devs said not to revive old topics.


I don’t even know, maybe like 40 or something.


Bruh how lol.


Ya yeet


What’d you use? Can you give me tips or anything? Thanks


121 kills with a SCAR L just a simple gun



What n the fuck is your resolution?
Also, nice AS VAL.


50-7 with Glock 17, 132-15 with my baby. (M16A4)


69-1 with intervention


AKM. Tap firing with any AK is pretty effective.

Umm, use the minimap. Shows a lot of the enemies, even if they might not be firing. With that, use headphones: you can hear footsteps and gunfire. Thats the main things. Also, keep moving, I tend to hit the slide every few seconds. Diving takes to long, imo. Nades detonate after 5 seconds, so I always cook em, and throw after the 4th blimp in the crosshairs. That’s pretty much it, I guess.

The main thing is practise. Practise makes perfect, right? :smiley: