Most Kills in One PF Match?


ok man looking forward to playing with you


( ͡°з ͡°)


ill play with you as well if u want. I sent a friend request to you but you didnt accept :cry:


That happens when you don’t own a pc and only have time off from work maybe 3 times a month, thanks for letting me know though, now I know to look for it


or use windows built in tool "SnippingTool"

you can then take a snip of your screen with a red bounding box.

(*this was very akward to make because you aren’t supposed to be able to take snips of snips of snips and turn it into a gif. :open_mouth: *)

ON TOPIC: I think i got a 102 once [email protected]


can you guys add me plox


and how do u turn them into gifs?


:wink: lol i use a tool called gyazo.

but when you post a gyazo link it gives you this bulky gyazo advertisement around it. like so.

soo what i like to do is right click the gif on the gyazo website

and then click open image in a new tab
doing this then gives me a url with the .gif extension so when i post it here, there’s no gyazo banner.

Aaaaannnnddd… TADA!


Accepted it


I’ve gotten 200.
Metro spawn trap style.
I went 200-20.
I’m not at my PC with the screenshot on it at the moment.
I will post it ASAP.


ok no worries man work comes first ;D


nice work man


awesome man ;D


holly screaming pizza nice



Most people RQ’d


Internally crying on the inside


what attachments did u use and did u use the same gun throughout?


Honey badger w/ angled grip and green laser. I picked up an m60 for a minute or two, also had an intervention.


ok nice work