Most Kills in One PF Match?


True true. For me, when I start taking hits, I go crazy. It’s like I do better with lower health.


what can i say?, im an adrenaline junkie ;D. Damn bro 162 is a nice record. I wanna try to beat my old one, i mean it could’ve been way higher but for 2-3 min the server was empty :frowning:


sometime clearing the server is an achievement but gets really annoying when you want to go ham


Shame. Especially when you start doing well, either all the low ranks leave or rank 100s join. Then they start targeting you. I usually hit around 65-70 kills, but sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time, and you get one round of pwning noobs ;DD


movement is essential, its what differs the bad players to the good (and aim oviously :P) i mean ive gotten loads to kills with really low hp just because i can manoeuvre extreamly well


its what gets you out of sticky situations


Yep, well said. My KDR is around 3 because before, with less experience, one doesn’t know when to back off, or nade, or hold, etc. Once you’ve played enough, you can quickly judge a situation (number of guys, weapons using, position) and either pull off and save the KDR, or stand your ground and boost it.


movement is a key reason why my KDR is really high, anticipating what the enemy will do is essential


Mhm, damn straight :stuck_out_tongue:


you seem nice, imnma add you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


nice man i like that


For sure dude. We should totally play together.

Or if you’re up for it, against each other ;D


yeah man


Oh, that sounds like a clash of the titans match.


xD (extra)


so like how do you add people? Are you talking about on this or roblox? Cuz you seem like a cool dude


on roblox


oh ok ill send you a request with both of my accounts if that’s cool


the sad thing is that my record is 87
i havent even gotten above 100


yeah sure man go ahead