Most Kills in One PF Match?


SSR is life god i love that gun


Desert Storm - Team Deathmatch
Weapons - FAMAS and Glock 18
Team - Ghosts
Score Board -96 Kills and 4 Deaths


Bullshit Kappa


61 kills


4 kills
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Pics or it didnt happen


I went 129-37 today and manger to take a screenshot right before my game crash :sob:!
Need proof?

Drops Mic
Walks out of the room


I beat your score and your kdr


I know I’m not the best but the most I had was…

30~ Kills and 4 Deaths in Desert Storm

No one bothered to flank me in that match, because I was sniping in the best spot imaginable…


85 kills to 15 deaths with the scar pdw.


hm i’ve never seen what my best match was but it was up there that’s all i know


Here. A really good time in Metro KOTH.
Taking the hill & eliminating enemies with the INTERVENTION + M60.


dang. Lookin good


Highest of all i think…



i’ll take a picture of the leader board when i’m doing well.


162 jesus CHRIST


All about the minimap, high DMG weapons, sound, and movement.

I’m always sliding through doors, serpentining out in the open, and bursting with the AKM. Plus, if ya can, get good with the Deagle – I use it to clear snipers from cranes, rooftops, etc.

Use headphones, learn to read the map (i.e. whether the enemy is above or below), and keep moving.

Also, if you’re on, say, Metro, or even better Highway KOTH, use nades. In all my spawns, my nades are gone pretty damn fast. If you’ve ever played Transit on BO2, you should know how to cook 'em too. On PF, watch the crosshairs. The nade will explode just after the fourth crosshair pulsation. Throw just before, and you’ll rack up the kills.


Metro 156-1 with the m60


Dang son :dizzy_face:


the thing that kept me going was not looking at score board, if you look it makes you excited and may throw off your game so just keep calm and carry on ;D