Most Kills in One PF Match?


This is from me. If you have seen higher tell me and send a screenshot


And Alpha When there was No Timer Does not Count


You are death and destroyer of noobs XD
That’s impressive


wow the most kills ive had was 46 streak of 21 with the mp5k when i first started playing the game


112 with an MG 36.

and more characters so my post can be posted.


My proudest moment was going 74-4 with the scar-h


2 days ago i went 100-21 with L85A2


beat ur high score bud




Good grief GG, m8


this happened while using SSR


yes i beat my score i got to 66 kills and 17 deaths with the FAMAS it really is a good gun


I got 51-15 once


107-0. Desert Storm, with a R700, before baltrak.


/i once went 56-12 with MP7


My best game was going 71-35 on Metro using the AUG HBAR, but with a little twist. Used it in semi-auto fire mode.

Uploaded it to youtube -


For real?


My best game? In kdr.
30-0 on Desert Storm
Highest kills with good kdr?
63-5(its on my channel right now) on Ravod 911 with G36C
2nd highest kdr was 30-2 with the AK47 on Ravod
Highest kills?
89 on Metro


107-7 with the MP7 in Crane TDM. So many n00bs from the other team were close together for grenade kills & collaterals.


Most kills is 135 in one match, but highest KDR in one match is 100.

I got the 100 KDR with the M60.