Mods can be the very thing they accuse you of [SERAPHIM]

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I’ve just had enough of his irrational thinking, says a lot about him.


Then tell me, what is irrational about his thinking?


So, yes, this is about that conversation about slugs, stop trying to alter facts to accomodate your narrative.


The way he assumed I was saying i wasn’t at fault when everyone knows it wasn’t true even they are at fault as well, and also calling me an arrogant dick about something regarding slug usage. But as Chroniton said, statistics are false due to differing opinions.

Therefore, your stats don’t mean jack shit.


Because you are an arrogant dick. Most everybody who’s read this miserable thread can see.


Not as much as corgi is, at least I acknowledge his opinions, and not throw them out the window when it displeases me.


You clearly missed the sarcasm.


that was opinion, man, suck it up. Stop being arrogant.


Rightio @Chroniton , tell me are statistics false?


That pretty clearly says

“I know better than anyone”


“In my opinion slugs…”



Please just help the rest of us AND SHUT UP




Why waste anymore time on him? He’s self confident douche bag that insists he is ALWAYS right. While I believe all life is precious…


Again, you missed the sarcasm, which that post very clearly has.


… others should end.


Oh please, corgi’s guilty too.


Because I enjoy disproving illogical people.


You are the thickest brick wall I’ve ever seen. My god the level of stupidity on you is outstanding. Perhaps you should take your opinions of the community somewhere else?