Mods can be the very thing they accuse you of [SERAPHIM]

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I agree with your statement. At some point, an argument has to end. It will make you look like an idiot if you make an argument last for years. I don’t really go to the Stylis Studios discord because I find this site better, but I see what you mean. Also, I like your savagery.


It’s linked in the top bar


TBH, I did meet him on the discord… As he was spewing bull to corgi and hacka


I was just showing you that data does reflect usage, and having both sales and earned ones, we can easily show how much attachments people generally use. as I said though, it doesn’t perfectly show usage 100% of the time, but lasers are the most bought attachment, and you see it in game the most. Ballistic tracker is bought quite a bit, but its not the top like 10, and it’s also not used as much as lasers for example, though it is also more expensive, and of course, the sales data has a correlation to it. You may not agree, but it definitely does reflect usage, way more than you think, stats exist for a reason.

Now for the things mods say, I don’t agree with most of it, but you also fueled it further as well. I never said anything personally towards you except for trying to disprove you. I also said to wait a week or so for me to gather the statistics.

But you saying this doesn’t make it any better

As corgi said, you based everything off of feeling, which doesn’t work in the world of data. I could say I have a feeling that ballistic tracker is the most bought attachment because i see it so much, but once you start recording each individual sale and timestamps, your “feelings” are completely invalid.

You said the following:

Now the fact I have both Sales of attachments and earned attachments, and can give you exact number difference (which i did, sales had 69.7 times more than earned on the same time period), that alone disprooves your “ik better” part by SOLID records that we record on each individual one.

No one is perfect, including me, you or anyone in the world, we make mistakes and sometimes think things that may be wrong. You in this case made a mistake. Am I saying you’re an idiot for doing it? no. Other people may be, but not me. What I am trying to say, just don’t try saying things out of feeling, if you want to make an argument, then provide some statistics to back it up. Sales again, may not be 100% reflective of usage (which I’ve told you multiple times), it does have a correlation with usage. Want to see how that will work? Go into PF for like 10 hours, record each individual usage of attachments, then put it all together, and I guarantee that the stats will be similar to sales of attachments. Going into a few matches alone however will not work, small amounts isn’t really enough (say, a few matches), to determine averages, totals, etc. Only recording all of it.

Anyway, I think I should stop typing…


i think @Seraphim can’t access to most “official” evidence

but @Seraphim is making a disaster here


What a disaster of a topic. Not sure what he expected.


And then there was silence from both fronts. I would ping himtim to purge, but i wanna savor.


Eh, there’s no point in purging this topic


Spicy drama
mom get the camera!


statistics aren’t in line with opinion

statistics are obviously false due to differing opinion


thanks for uncovering the round earth conspiracy

(Edit) ah hahahahaha @Seraphim you took this as a statement? It’s the most obvious sarcasm in the history of sarcasm. At least you edited the mistake out of your post.


Here’s the thing, Corgi is wrong on one thing: This is not about the stats subject at all, it’s about corgi’s poor mod performance on their server. I’ve seen mods with better behavior than him, those who actually talk rationally and are relaxed. Corgi is not one of those mods.

The leash should be tighter around his neck at all times, not allowed to do whatever he pleases. Whoever is the founder of stylis should put a leash on corgi for he can’t be relaxed and rational like my mods are in my own server.

If corgi feels slighted, he’ll blow it right out of proportion like he always does when he can’t just accept an opinion given to him.

Have fun knowing you failed to do your job properly.


One word.



Proof: your actions.


Just typing words isn’t proof enough. Screenshots, videos, anything concrete that doesn’t rely on your word.


Corgi, you yourself have proven you’re incapable as a mod entirely because you lack the tolerance needed to be one. You just mute me when you feel slighted in any way, that’s a childish thing to do is run from the very thing you have to face. You have given me no reason to respect you at all as a mod, just another normal typical user I always come across.


The fact that I still hold the position of administrator on the Discord, moderator here and in the game says otherwise.


Doesn’t mean a thing lol. all people will see from you is your inability to handle shit thrown in your face. But thanks for confirming my suspicions by calling the kettle black. Great job, you lost the war on self-control.


So have a nice day and hope you actually improve on your attitude towards others.


Also, to this

This isn’t how you started this topic.

You started it with “mods beating a dead horse”. Which in turn implies the discussion about the statistics.

A little reminder to how you reacted when toothless proved you wrong about the slugs.


“When you get a mod who still talks about a dead topic.” At this point, you’re rambling on about how sad you are.