Mods can be the very thing they accuse you of [SERAPHIM]

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I know I’ll get unjustified hate for this, but I’ll be brutally honest, when you get a mod who still talks about a dead topic, it should stay dead and buried. They shouldn’t try and keep going just to make a point. Recently I was unjustly kicked for making my point about “beating a dead horse”.

And being called an arrogant dick is like the pot calling the kettle black. Mods should not act is such an unprofessional way towards players, even if they disagree with their opinions. I won’t call out names since I’m a kind person and will politely ask that stylis staff not to be so rude and judgemental.

This world would be so much better if people understood one another and not try to be drunk with power and abuse theirs. So please do not criticize me anymore and be mature.

Thanks for listening.

Who were the cringiest people on the forum ever?

Jesus Christ he’s gotten drunk off of the Liberal Juice again. Get the ice bucket. Especially in the last paragraph. Damnit, go back to the Vietnam War era where you belong.


Hellcat, I don’t care if you guys try your best to offend me, but you need to lay off the dead subjects when asked. That is the root of the problem.


A subject is never dead. We still discuss things like the French Revolution in Wold History. And it was a long time ago. And yes, I do realize that the French Revolution was more important then and now than any post on this website, but the point stands still.


I asked people to shut it about the slugs, yet one of the mods put up a useless post that didn’t need to be said. Nobody cares about statistics, let them die. In the end, there was nothing to really prove at that point toothless posted.

I’ll just let corgi keep calling the kettle black as he seems to enjoy doing so while i do the grown up thing and ignore his arrogant attitude.


What was your alt name? And also since you were kicked, you’re using an alt to circumvent that kick? Isn’t that banable by your IP? Or am I just not getting something here?


It is not actually, I’m proving a point that even he is guilty of being unprofessional. His statement about me not thinking its not my fault it started was false, I never said i wasn’t at fault, but then again, the people who kept the subject going are just as guilty.


That is quite ironic seeing as you made this post.


Damn, is it getting hot in here?


Well, let’s just say that this individual regards himself as always in the right, should already be evident in this post, bashing me and toothless.

The context to this is that he complained about “everyone using slugs” on shotguns. Toothless and I decided to give our input and observations, saying that we barely saw anyone using slugs. He then persisted that his statement was the right one. Toothless having recently started gathering data on a bunch of stuff from Phantom Forces pulled up the sales statistics for slugs, which roughly aligned with mine and toothless observations, being at the bottom of the sales. Granted sales don’t accurately represent usage, but this should give a rough idea of what the usage could be.

His argument was exactly this, sales don’t accurately describe usage, which we agreed to. Another argument he made was that slugs are easily unlockable and therefore rarely bought, to which toothless responded with the statistics for the top sales, in which the laser, was in the top 3. An attachment which you can unlock with 10 kills and one of the most widely used attachments, further proving our point.

After the argument quieted down toothless set up stats for usage to once and for all see wether or not we were right.
A week after the results were here:

Instead of accepting defeat in the argument he decided to move on to saying that we “beat a dead horse” and that I abuse once I had kicked him for being the arrogant one he is.
Infraction log:

Granted I did call him a dick, which might be a bit unprofessional, however, that doesn’t change the fact that he is one.

Decided to get some more screenshots of him and his illogical reasoning.

The statistics for most bought attachments I mentioned

I think it’s safe to say that he doesn’t understand logic and should stay off the internet for now.


This is a PERFECT reason why I left Discord


Care to elaborate?

You gave no context to your statement.


Well I got sick of the drama on discord I used to be in the Stylis discord but I left 0.o


There isn’t much drama on there though, and most of it is dealt with as soon as possible.




So wait then why don’t we kick him from this site too?


Because rather than shutting my opposition down I let them show how much of a fool they are themselves.


I honestly can’t stand seraphim. Half of the stuff he spews is bullshit, and the other half is his insistence that he’s ALWAYS right. When he’s been disproved multiple times not only by regular members of the discord, but actual DEVS. Hats off to you Seraphim. I mean that in the meanest way possible


Makes me wonder who he is and if he actually thinks of himself this way irl lol. If this kid is in high school right now, I can tell him one thing, you sir are in for one hell of a rude awakening, I’ll tell you that. You act this way in real life, and you’ll end up with no friends, no job, and no life. It’s not spite from me as much as it is pity.


Nice. Hey wait, can you link me to the discord?