Minor suggestion list by Darkman!

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There are some small things I notice lacking in Phantom Forces.
I’m making this suggestion list to hopefully get noticed by the devs that maybe add something from it.

Weapon Loadouts:

  • Each weapon gets 3 or 4 different loadouts.
    • Currently a weapon only has 1 loadout.
  • Each loadout can be customized with a different attachment set and/or skin.
  • Each loadout can be renamed to like: “FAL Stealth”, “FAL Arctic Camo” so you know what loadout you are picking.
  • This will make it easier to change loadouts to change your attachments or skin quickly with what you have made before.
  • This will make it so you can have more skin designs on 1 gun that you save, So if you are tired of using a skin design, You can switch to the next one that you have made before.

Announcement in the current server if someone reaches Rank 100, 200, 300,…

  • Reaching Rank 100, 200, 300,… is a special rank for everyone, It would be nice that it would get announced in chat so people will congratulate you for reaching it, Similar to rolling a melee weapon.

1 player has a start votekick limit of 3 per victim in the current server.

  • It’s annoying when someone keeps starting a votekick on you just because he doesn’t like you.
  • A player should be limited to starting a votekick only 3 times on the same player.
    • This will get reset if the player changes server.
    • This will get reset if the votekick passes.
      • This is incase it was an actual hacker that rejoins the same server somehow.
    • This won’t get reset if the player reconnects to the same server.

Starting a votekick first opens a text screen where the player is forced to type a reason.

  • It is always better to know why someone is votekicking someone else.
  • Random votekicks won’t feel nearly as random anymore.
  • This was recently suggested by Velocity.

The Frying Pan should make the TF2 pan hit sound.

  • Because why not? It’s satisfying and people will like this L4D2/TF2 reference.

New attachment: Lighter Magazine.

  • Found in “Other”.
  • Found on guns with a magazine that have a 30 round capacity or higher.
  • (+) Increases spare rounds.
  • (+) Increases movement speed.
  • (+) Increases sprint speed.
  • (+) Increases aim speed.
  • (-) Decreases magazine capacity.
  • (-) Due to it being an “Other” attachment, BT, Canted Sights, Lasers, Extended Mags and Ammo Types are unavailable!
    • This should be different per gun depending on their default magazine capacity.
      • 30 -> 20
      • 45 -> 30
      • 50 -> 40/45
      • 60 -> 45 (Colt LMG)
      • 71 -> 35 (PPSH)
      • 100 -> 50
  • This attachment will make users more careful with their ammo.
  • This attachment will allow users to act faster in combat while also having a higher mobility.
  • This attachment will make users not run out of spare ammo entirely quickly.

Kill count should be viewed on death screen.

  • The same screen where you see the gun and attachments your killer used should also display the amount of kills he has with that specific gun.
    • This is to show how deadly someone is with a specific gun.

"STOLEN!" should display on death screen if the weapon was stolen.

  • The same screen where you see the gun and attachments your killer used should also display “STOLEN!” if he stole the weapon from the ground.**

Allowing first person spectating.

  • While spectating someone via the main UI, Pressing T should put your screen into the first person camera of the user you are spectating, Useful to see if he’s aimbot hacking, or to watch how skilled he is.
    • This first person spectator screen will look similar to while you play, You can see his health, ammo count, crosshair, first person model, You can even see him reloading and aiming.

Sniper Rifles in the UI background are incorrect.

  • The Steyr Scout should be added to the UI background after the Hecate II, It’s missing while it displays all sniper rifles in the game.
  • The Dragunovs have not been catagorized through the sniper section of the UI background yet, They are still at the DMR’s.

Guns should have descriptions like attachments do.

  • Players will learn more about those guns.
  • Players will learn maybe a gun is from their home country and will buy it straight away.
  • Players will get informed what this gun is capable of and their penalties that they must get aware of.

Other suggestions created by me:


yes please,


yes plz I kill anyone hu steals mi gun


it would be great to see a mod/dev just spamming the chat with “this guy has reached rank 100! this guy has reached rank 200! this guy has reached rank 100! …”


Another suggestion

If your votekick passes
A report gets sent to mods so mod can review it and ban hacker quicker


no that’s silly

votekick isn’t a thing so that servers can get rid of hackers
it’s so that servers can get rid of toxic players (whether they’re bad in chat or the server just doesn’t like them)

also how would it “send a report” to a mod? mods can’t ban because “ah yes this guy got votekicked” and the game can’t record in roblox


the confliction


I must revive this, Only 7 replies?

I refuse to let this topic go until a decent amount of replies.


FAL Bolt action


Ooooh, I like!


ak-47bolt action first


G11 bolt action. :thinking: