Meta in PF


Discuss the meta in PF right now. Personally I think it’s vector + ppsh with flash hider and HP or BT


BFG BT duh


And that no shit


Honey Badger with a side of Kriss Vector, paired with Glock 18.

It may not be the best guns, but fucking everyone and their grandmother uses them.


I’m seeing more ppsh than honey badger but ok.


Personally, I’ve seen more Honeys than PPSh’s.

Besides, PPSh at least has the bonus of being a WW2 gun.


IDEK about MG36
Realizes how little he knows about the history
painstakingly types in Wikipedia


MG36 is a LMG variant of the G36 (MG36 being Machenen Gewehr sechs-und-dreizig, with the G36 being Gewehr sechs-und-dreizig), which itself didn’t see production until the mid-1990’s.


Just realized


Well ppsh with HP or BT will be pretty stronk






that’s a fat ass nono from me cheif


Scar L and PPSH and r870, I literally see these every match


yeah, the PPSH is coming out of the woodworks recently


I mean for me it seems to be the Honey Badger or the Scar-L, although the SCAR was always quite popular. I’m also seeing BT on automatics more often and a rise in the popularity of the PPSH and M16 variants.


BFG is a garbo weapon, it’s overrated and over hated


Vector, MG3KWS, L115A3, and the AKM are still the kings of the meta.

As for setups, all of em except for the L115A3 use this.
Folding Grip
Green Laser

As for the L115A3, just run it stock or with the scope.


The Rank 20 skids disagree


That’s because they are rank 20 and have no clue what makes a good weapon. Their opinion is straight up invalid.