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so this name is not censored


pretty hot



When you had to do this in primary school but you were fat so you were one of the first people to opt out at stage 4 because you had a nasty stitch and couldn’t breathe half the time but 5 years later you’ve lost lots of weight and are now one of the skinniest people in your grade and you haven’t done the beep test since then because you didn’t choose a physical education class for your senior years of high school because you served no interest in both the practical and the theoretical side of it and also you look silly in shorts and you don’t have trousers to go with your sports uniform and additionally wear trousers in summer so people won’t see and judge you for your hideously big thighs from when you were fat in primary school but they judge you anyway and be all like “it’s so hot, why you wear that?” and you have to explain that you look silly in shorts and after a while, you get sick of hearing that from people just because you’re a little more tolerant of the heat and you’re a little more conscious over your appearance than others, but when winter comes along and they’re complaining about the cold, you refrain from saying “it’s so cold, why you wear that?” because you realise how much of a hypocrite you’d be and you don’t want that kind of an assoholic reputation despite hanging out with some friends that have that kind of reputation, but some of them aren’t even friends but instead hang out with you because they have no one else to go to at lunch time so they decide to piss you and your friends off by making shitty jokes and puns that aren’t funny because when they tell you the pun, the context comes with it, making the pun both unfunny and irrelevant and you want to insult them, maybe even harm them for removing a few seconds left of your hearing but you don’t want to do that because you have a decent reputation and don’t want to throw that away because you’re lonely in life and want to look like a nice person around the girl who not only you’ve loved for a year and has changed how you think and act to the point where although you told yourself you’d be happy if she was happy even if that meant not being in a relationship with her, you start to feel upset whenever you see her bonding with other guys better than you do despite being her only somewhat close friend in a class which takes place on three separate days of the week and on those days you apply more soap, shampoo and deoderant and you swear you spend an extra minute in the bathroom every morning because of it and every time you’re in that class, you feel like you keep fucking up any chance you have of being with her because you don’t talk and contribute as much as you should so you start listening to depressing music for the rest of the day before crying yourself to sleep and the next morning completely forget that you did that, but then she also smiles when you or she comes into the classroom and whenever you provide her with something minor or even say your name, you can feel your heart pumping out of your chest as you want to be with her even more, but then on valentines day, you notice three roses sticking out of her bag and you’re not even sure how to feel, questioning the validity of everything that you’ve done or even thaught, realising all the negatives of yourself; that you’re a bit ugly, you smell bad occassionally and you have big thighs.

Oh, you thought I was joking?




I just followed his account lmao


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i had to opt out at stage 2 because I sucked so badly


1 kill 11 deaths 1 kdr?! WHAT!!!???!!!?!?!?!?






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now that just hurts to look at


that’s not how you use that meme


you don’t use that meme in 2018*


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KSG is good gun heck off