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No u
But the vid was not made by me


is the modern roblox moderation and censorship system an SJW?

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windows is better amirite guys


Not in terms of smartphones tho


that’s true

but holy shit they’re expensive. cough iPhone X cough


who needs a smartphone when you can carry ethernet extension cables as well as a full-sized monitor and PC


But you have to wait atleast 3 mins to take it out, boot it up, login and wait until your screen appear, you then also have to boot up your application or connect to the wifi. Also, smartphones is lighter, smaller and can use 4G


spot the difference


when someone drops their hecate


I dont see any difference, u blind m8?


ethernet is an alternative to wifi


Thats what THEY want you to believe. A lie, your life is…


the phone companies want me to believe there is only WiFi, but he is wrong


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@Moongduri this is funny not Vigil at all


Bulletproof mask?

(That isnt bulletproof kek)


clicc imag then zoome by cliccin de imag again,then you wil see de "unironical meme: de buk: part I"

unfunniest meme ever lol xd




Fun Fact: “Orang” means people in Indonesian, so this entire time I’ve been reading it the way an Indonesian would read it, and not the misspelt “orange”, but who the hell cares about me as I’m an irrelevant fucker