Memes, Puns & Meme related GIFs Thread




I just wiped my hand on my pants thinking I had jeans on
but I had khakis instead



don’t send hate he meant pokemon not paracocks poke


This will be my response to any arguments about god being real


LMAO so I made a kind-of suicidish related joke on Instagram about Tylenol, where I mentioned my friend and said “i go suicided now.” I also said that I had a really bad headache a few posts back. Another one of my friends reported it for promotion as a joke and when I went onto Instagram after school I got a nice message about getting help for my problems.


so I was going to make this but I changed my mind


speaking of miner’s haven I join and find this
somehow I’m not surprised


is this thread… ded?

edit: why dafaq did i reply to pasto instead of the post




good question, anyone know who this person is?


not stolen


some dude tried to revive a meme


Yo, where is my uber driver taking me?


that was you, wasn’t it.


Yo, when is my uber driver gonna pick me up?