Memes, Puns & Meme related GIFs Thread


XD it went way off the poll.


Man, meme polls sure are trending.


yes lol


the saddest thing


This has happened to me before, it is very sad…


Hey guys, need your opinion

  • I like it
  • I dont like it
  • what

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fun fact : I thought the ZIP22 was going to be a good gun


it’s good
it’s bad
undecided/ i dont know
I don’t care
all of the above

  • What do you think about this?
  • Is this okay?
  • opinions please!

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He smells like cheese.

Once he begins to smell like American cheese, it is too late. The best way to cure him and to avoid the pain is too shoot him point blank in a head.

  • Cheese
  • It smells like cheese
  • You smell like cheese
  • You smell like cheese pasta
  • You smell like Kim Jong Un’s room (Cheese)

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This is the man “hell-bent” on destroying America.

This is the man who wants to launch ballistic missiles at your favorite American cities. He wants you guys dead.

However, what you didn’t know about this “man” is that he loves…cheese. Not just any cheese, but he loves…


But, not only does he love American cheese, but he loves…


He loves the way we dress, the way we eat, he wants to become one with the land of fat boys

While many women, try to be appealing to Kim (Probably because they need a potato), even going to the extent of trying to sexually pleasing him, no woman will ever break him…

Because his love with America is too strong.

That is why he threatened us with nukes. Because he wants to be treated like a meme, by Americans. Regardless of whether or not it’s sexual, he enjoys being a meme, either way.

On late nights, long after exchanging name-calling with Trump, he has a picture of America on his wall, in his room. And every night, he tells this picture…


  • No u
  • Yes u
  • Maybe u
  • I think so u
  • Sure u
  • Nah u
  • Yos u
  • Nos u
  • Nope u
  • Yup u
  • Yah u
  • Ya u

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Butt the ham is a belgian gun, so it smells like?

  • Belgian cheese

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Do you know what to decide all the time?

  • Yos
  • Nos
  • I do not know what to answer, sir frisian fries…

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My decision is making pointless polls


Nihonium is the one who appreciates oofblox the most


ready for a hard-ass oof?


oof rating?

  • yos dats good
  • nos dats bad

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I’m downloading this mod