Memes, Puns & Meme related GIFs Thread


The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.


ptsd intensified


I got a 20 on that.

Mar got a 10.


Pretty much the sounds in PF.

izza joke bruh, the sounds in PF are great


StyLis just had to make the main icon of their website a white skinned bald guy with BFG ballistics tracker.

vomits several times


in realism, if someone were that white, it would pretty much be a huge target in war


lmao true


How could he have gotten a 10? I would say he failed the Practice Run for the Start!





What is this? Why do you have this image?




also I am extremely disturbed. We have a possible pedophile here


I didn’t have this I copied it


It’s an incest, not a pedophile…


42 PM


It’s both


Yah likely story


this isnt true is it lol
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OOF, idk who that is

I am almost 99% certain anyone we know will have some sort of tag.