Memes, Puns & Meme related GIFs Thread





i not see number two on any woeman


Show me :open_mouth:

Make the Remington 870.


what program did you use
it will take me some time to learn it tho
Imma just make one with Rhino 5


I used this:

It’s a very simple program, I learned how to use it very quick.
On the first days, if I forgot a feature, I’d just watch one of these 2 tutorials to see how to do it again:

On Day 1 or 2, I successfully made my first good model: MP412 REX:

I did make a practice model on Day 1 though, The AK-12:

But I remade the AK-12 yesterday:


You fucking have nsfw material in your post you dipshit.


And hitler memes are okay , right? Cocksucker…


Go read the rules ya cuck. Also Hitler memes =/= hate speach its a meme.


I’m not a cuck


To a degree, yes, but there is a point where they cross the line. Same with NSFW. Fine to a degree, but if shit gets too sexual, then it’s a problem


Oh. Okay


I mean, I got warned in the Discord Server for posting Bitch Lasagna

i deserved it


i said that i left a chick-fil-a sandwich in my locker


@TheDeadbush HOL UP


hah meme stealer strikes again



What can I say except brown backwards