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ああ! どのようにあなたはガーリックブレッドサンを尊敬しています!

私はあなたの性交喉をスリットし、性器を服用し、それらを調理してから、両親に食べさせてから、指で指を切って、つま先でつま先をつまみ、歯の大きさだけが残るまで 彼らを大統領の大統領に送って、読まれるノートを残す


決して! 私は決して意味しない。 あなたの人生で私のガーリックブレッドサンを再び尊敬する


I’m just learning Japanese chill


ハ!! 私の変容は完了しました、私は最終的な形に入りました



Good meme


HEY,Give me that meme back


A message to all thots:


Translation: Oh! How do you respect garlic Bread San! I slit your sexual intercourse, take genitalia, cook them, eat their parents, cut their fingers with your fingers, pinch your toes with toes, until only the size of the tooth remains Send them to the president’s president and leave notes read Human puzzle never! I never meant. I respect my garlic bread sang again in your life.


i want garlic bread onii-sama’s toast



Lmao siege meme!


oh lord, that is nowhere close

REAL Translation: EHH! NEVER disrespect my garlic Bread-San! I will slit your throat, take your genitals, cook them, And feed them to your parents, then I will cut your parents. finger by finger, inch by inch, into Pieces the size of teeth, take the remains, Send them to the president’s office, with a note attached that will read, “Human puzzle”. NEVER! I mean NEVER. I respect my garlic-bread san again in your life.


what have i done by just POSTING SOME GOD DAMN GARLIC BREAD


sent another man a deathnote


마늘빵님 존경합니다


A Frenchman, Englishman, Spaniard, and a German guy walks into a bar. The German guy orders four beers, and the bartender says “yo boys i got a cool trick watch me!” The Europeans turn around to face the bartender. He asks again "Can you all see me?

Yes we see ya


Don’t tell the popo


Mr. Popo does not care for your actions with robots.


I now greet my dog with “yo dawg”
I know, i know… It is kinda dumb