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only a majority-controlled movement would be considered as being “a threat” to national security.

by majority, we are talking about more than 70% of the US wanting to overthrow the government, if that is the case, then surely the state had showed incompetency in its ability to govern the land. In that case, the militias are doing the exact thing which the 2nd Amendment said.


That, and also because they come in handy incase you are being robbed or assaulted.




Well, if you are being assaulted in public, using a knife or a baseball bat would be safer than a gun.

  1. because bullets may ricochet and harm nearby innocent bystanders
  2. a stick/blunt concussive weapon can incapacitate faster than a gun
  3. Guns are loud and may disorient you, making you more vulnerable
  4. people are more scared of guns than they are of baseball bats, so firing a shot may scare off potential allies

So, guns should be used for recreational/experimental purposes at ranges and test places. They should also be used at home for personal defense in case of an attack. Carrying a loaded gun in public should be banned unless you are a law enforcement member.


you contradicted yourself

  1. You don’t think of a bystander when a guy is holstering his pistol and you already got one in hand.
  2. A bullet causes massive instant pain when hit, where as, with a blunt/ sharp tool, you would have to strike a hard blow and does not guarantee that the assailant will stop.
    3.the effects also apply to the person you are shooting at.
  3. This would also scare the attacker too.


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Most of the time, people who are shot cannot even feel the shot due to adrenaline. They say it feels like getting punched, and it only starts hurting later, when they’re out of the fight. Most of the time, they pass out due to blood loss unless a vital organ is hit. But a baseball bat, if you hit someone’s head, you give them a concussion. It messes with their decision making, perception of a situation, etc. This gives you time to run away and call 911. Guns take time to kill/incapacitate if you hit someone’s torso (all military and law enforcement personnel are trained to hit center of mass:torso)


  1. That’s precisely what hollow point bullets are for.
  2. Depends on where you hit.
  3. True, but given that I once shot a Glock 19 and the worst I got was a subtle ring in my ears, it’s not too bad. Rifles are a VERY different story, but nobody gets rifles to conceal carry.
  4. More allies = more people likely to be wounded by the assailant.


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