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its sarcasm

It’s funny how they think America is dictatorship.


Its moronic



Please do.

It kinda sickens me how people claim they’re for peace, but those same people turn around and beat anyone who dare disagree with them.

Then there’s the asshole who roundhouse kicked a pro-life lady (the one recording) and then decided to play the victim.

There’s a hugely disrespectful cunt who lives in an echo chamber and uses violence to get their opinion across when talking fails, and then there was that pro-life woman.

Then asshole gets (rightfully) chased by police and now he has a kickstarter (I don’t remember exactly the platform) apparently asking for money cuz he “bashed the fash” and is now getting chased by the police. Little did he know he brought it on himself. If I were in the shoes of the woman he roundhouse kicked, he’d be beaten bloody after a good hour’s worth of thrashing (or until I get bored). But that also lands people in jail, so I’m glad the woman did what she did so she too didn’t end up getting chased by the police.

Defonitely had more patience than me lmao


Politics megathread anyone?

Politics thread

might as well








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“Pro-rape Republicans abuse women”

  • This is literally retarded, just because you dislike abortion doesn’t mean you support rape. Whoever wrote this is evidently brainwashed.

“We want Peace with freedom ( with a stupidly placed “?”), not peace with (a) dictatorship.”

-Trump is not a dictator. He does not form a one-party nation, nor does he send his critics and protestors to concentration camps.

“Love our children, not guns”

-This argument is flawed and stupid. 98% of school shootings happen in gun-free zones, as well as the majority of public mass shootings. Guns have been shown to save many lives in the form of self-defense. The US has many veterans and retired police officers, placing them as armed guards at schools will completely stop school shootings.

“Draft beer, not students”

  • The last time the draft was used was in the Vietnam War, whoever wrote this is uneducated af.image
    “I stand with refugees”
  • Refugees are fine, but only if they apply for asylum legally, not scaling the goddamn border wall.

In addition, some fuckers were yelling in front of the White House today, telling people that he’s gonna sue the Secret Service for protecting Trump. Humanity is fucked if these thots every reproduce.


what if the school shooter/s wish to commit suicide after the shooting? The guards are supposed to stop shootings by inspiring fear of death into potential shooters! Guns shouldn’t be banned, but way more tightly regulated.

oh wait what thread is this? back to the memes!


That is only partially correct, the guards, while serving as a deterrent, also serves the role of security enforcers. I severely doubt any potential shooter would have the accuracy and skill of combat-hardened veterans and experienced police officers.

Back to the meme


why does america not have stringent gun restrictions?

in soviet russia, vodka drink you!
in capitalist america, gun shoot you!


Its in its constitution:

“Shall not be infringed”


Tell me. Why do you like guns?

I like guns because they’re fun and cool.


what if, said militias are corrupt and are threatening the security of a state? just …


I like the technological development that armed conflict encourages. I dislike physical violent conflict and only enjoy mock up versions that are safe