Melee in Phantom Forces


Describe what the bug is: I can’t harm or do damage to anyone with melee. This problem just started about a week ago, I guess with the new update. Even though other people can kill or damage me with their melee, I can neither damage or kill them. Since I am a level 93 player in Phantom Forces, it gets pretty embarrassing when you’re killed by a level 2 player who just stabbed you with his knife one time and killed you, while you repeatedly stabbed him 30 times with your customized Spatula or ASP Baton, but he still has 100 health. Stylis Studios staff, please help, I have never encountered a bug in this game before. I do appreciate your making of this game, since I checked, and most of you guys were college students. I’m starting college next year.

Describe how you can reproduce the bug: Whenever I try to melee, the crosshair shows that I have damaged them, but they have no damage, they’re still at full health

Any other information that would be useful? Images? If you can contact me, or play with me in a separate server with only us, you can see.


Hmm. Try contacting Raspy


pretty much a known bug by now. devs should be trying to work on a patch as we speak unless they’re watching anime

at this point, don’t bother using melees. switch to your secondary if you need to


Or use FAL, best thing ever.


G3 is best >:[


But FAL overpowers it :]




Thank you so much guys, is there anyway we can directly contact Stylis Studios Staff


at this point it’s:

  • go to the Stylis Discord and report the bug i #bug-reports

  • PMing @Toothless who most likely have seen this topic by now

give the Devs some time and it’s should be okay


No, you’re both wrong. MAC-10 and PPSH are best.