Maybe new Cor Game


Woosh! Bazam!
Rico revives dead topics

Anyway, I really wanna continue talking about this possible CoR 6 make.
Why don’t we put the M1919A6 in this game?

As a matter of fact, there is a game on Roblox called Unit: 1968 that takes place in 'Nam. If you want an idea of the weapons used in the war, go there. It is also in Alpha rn, so there may not be much…


True but lesser ww2 era weapons would be better maybe some iconic ones.


Iconic? hmm…
Thompson M1928
M1 Carbine
M3 Grease Gun
M1919A6 MMG (medium Machine gun)

but like I said, check the roblox game Unit 1968 for some more info on the weapons used in that time.