Maybe new Cor Game


Tôi tin rằng tiếng Việt là một ngôn ngữ lai ghép giữa Pháp và Trung Quốc. Bùng nổ. Bạn có tiếng Việt


Tôi không chắc chắn về Trung Quốc, nhưng có những từ tương tự cho tiếng Pháp


Btw, I’m glad the French introduced the Latin alphabets. If Vietnamese stayed in Chinese symbols, I will have a hard time learning it. :stuck_out_tongue:


But do remember all the Latin letters were modified to have accent marks on every one. But anyway, lets GBOT




It didn’t make much sense to me…


You learned Vietnamese? Or are you a Vietnamese?


I “am” Vietnamese


Wait, ur Vietnamese too?

Ive always been interested in what Communist life was like (We are Capitalist after all)

What is Hoi Minh- or Hoi Minh Chi- er…I dont know how to say it , but whats is the city like?


“Ho Chi Minh”

My family doesn’t really talk about him


Oh thats how you spelt it…

I want to apologize on behalf of Murica for wasting 20 years of money, land, and lives on some unorganized, cruel war. I also apologize on behalf on Murica for turning your amazing jungles into trench-filled deserts.


Ho Chi Minh City? Well, it’s nice, and large too, but it is crowded and sometimes fill with litters , like Hanoi.


I think that they hate Communism ( I do too, but the original idea that Lenin had is quite good)


So one day…
-American troops return to Vietnam-
-2nd Vietnam war begins-
-South Vietnamese cheer and get some guns-


Welp, Vietnam has changed in to a capitalism country, though we still call ourselves as communists, its just so that communism won’t disappear.
So I don’t think that the US want to have a second war with Vietnam, one of its strong allies nowadays.


If you’re interested in communism, you should read this, one of my classmate is also a communism geek.


But there is a reason why Vietnam chose communism


They chose it because it seems better than capitalism, yes, it was ( kinda) in that time, but as time goes on, ppl started seeing the bad side of it, and eventually it seized to exist when Russia turned to a capitalism country.


sometimes google translate isn’t the best


I thought they chose it because the don’t like colonization