Maybe new Cor Game


true, though flame throwers were used alot on tanks during jungle warfare, and Napalm and Agent Orange are used commonly only in open areas, due to the fact that the pilots dropping those has to see friendlies to be able to use napalm effectively, you wouldnt want to kill friendlies, right?..



Yeah but so hate why my country would do that…there is no reason to blow the crap out of people because they are just communists.


And Americans treated Communists like the world treated Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, and terrorists. They spat all over them every chance they got. EVERY. And Vice-versa.


pretty much, so idk why some people can say their country has never done anything wrong when they really did…also lets GBOTP


No planes k only attack choppers


I like what you said, because at that time, it was solid fact!


Its probably a typical weapon during the Vietnam War, its a hole filled with spike and was disguised to be just ground filled with leaves, when people walk over it, they fell to their doom…


and by that time I mean the 60s to the 90s


Well we have to make it A-Symetrical Because Vietnamese had heli’s but it was in only less use but to fight 'Merican Helis they’ll have manpads.


Ooh…with the flesh-cutting bamboo. I read a book on it.

Nixon: We are going to slowly take our troops out of Nam by a process called Vietnamization
Translation: Oh crap this war is not going well. Let’s just ditch those 3rd World Lowlifes and pretend Vietnam is nonexistent until 2017. Let’s see what happens then.


Sadly, my country is still considered a third world country in terms of poverty…:disappointed_relieved: ( whoa I havent use any emoji for a long time!)


Wait, what country? Is it like, In Asia or the West


Southeast Asia, Vietnam ( surprise!)


oh my gawd

-Rico’s brain blows up-

So uhh…how much desert is there?


it’s freaking tropical…
I don’t live there but have done enough research and know enough about it to know this…i also know i would love to try their food.


I ask how desert like it is because America came in there and burned every last friggin forest in South and North Nam


In Vietnam? -None, in Southeast Asia? -Alot.


Yeah, but i don’t think they exactly want to talk about the napalm and other crap.


Talk about those stuff, quốc mày chết