Maybe new Cor Game

  • Cor 6 'Nam
  • Cor 5 Remade

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Maybe a community CoR based in 'Nam would be nice. Really we could do this right?


I say Vietnam

So I can have a reason to use M16 with 20 rounds




Any good with the google Excel thing?


Does anyone play COR anyway? just wondering, no trigger.


Used to…Btw, you in discord?


no, not yet anyway.





I never played CoR 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.


Apparently, Vietcong had ACOGs on their AKs in '68 (Damn dem sights be supa ooold)

why do rappers talk about the Draco so much?


wow really?


Watch it, there is no reason to use profanity. It just makes your comment trashy and not very smart.


I say 'Nam, cuz I can now have the legit reason to ask for flamethrower in the game…


No, apparently, they were too poor for attachments to be put on weapons, so they just simply steal attachments from the fallen Westerners, plus, they also prefer stock weapons, because apparently, attachments made the weapons too bulky and too obvious to hide in gurrila warfare.


Yep, a nice m2 flamwherher for the mericans’ and is it roks? ya 4 congie’s


Oh. Well, I saw COD BO1 and it said:
“Press [ I forgot the button] to pick up AK47 ACOG”. Then I was like:

“ACOGS are that old?!?”

Americans should train the soldiers in what I call, “Reverse Geurilla Warfare”. Kind of like a way to counter the enemie’s Geurilla tatics
in case of…

-2nd Vietnam War begins-


Actually, Napalm & Agent Orange were more commonly used in Nam.
a GI just threw some ignited napalm
BAM. no need for flamethrowers


For game balancing cong will get that manpads