Map teaser ;)


This is the airport map yes yes yes


No mention to you mar, your too fat


doesn’t look like Airport to me



Noice. I’m exited to see this in the main game. :smiley:


This is the “Ministry” map from Insurgency I’m pretty sure. :grinning:


Nope, it’s embassy.
They both have extremely similar themes tho.


Good spot.


Been working on this since May, Jesus


Eh. I want a quality map. They can take as much time as they need…


You know good updates take time Stylis doesn’t want to rush shitout just because. They care about the quality of their game you know.


If this gets fucking canceled and replaced with another square metro scum i swear


For the most part I havent heard much about development for awhile now. They stopped posting stuff about the new maps so it is either being kept secret or has been dropped.


Woah it does


Its based off the map m8 XD


When will this come…


“When will this come…” he said. But all he heard in reply was the echo of his past… on the brink of tears he called once more into the darkness, only to be replied by his own sob.

Hopefully soon…


In the devs time soon with be about 3.89 eons from now


No, you’re calculating valve time


Whatever happened to that other map that we 3 made?