Map teaser ;)


Cry much




He cries in a great amount


Much greater than the funerals of 911


I’d say a museum


Columbine RIP

i was 2 when that happened. And it happened two miles from home…

Pleese no school map


School shooter map


“Pumped Up Kicks” Intensifies


The map’s name is EMBASSY from the tactical FPS Insurgency


Yeah. I guessed it a long time ago when this map was still the big thing until development slowed.


it looks like an arena to me. whatever the case it looks really good. you have talent, keep it going. i want to learn as well and now doing nothing but searching for sites as while sitting home because of health issues i want to learn more so… can i ask some questions in regards of programming?


From the pictures it looks like one of the maps from Black Squad.


Hopefully it will not be sniper dominated like most pf maps


From what I can tell, it doesn’t look like it



Yeah I have seen what it is based off of and it would be a CQC map.








i get it but Pumped up kicks is actually meant to be about a man with fantasy’s of murdering people so i’m sorry if you’re offended