Map teaser ;)


KEK-9 returns? There’s only one player with a gun, and everyone else is the victim?


More like a castle to me.


Does look like an interesting map indeed. Looks like it is based off a game aswell judging by discord screenshots I have seen.




Don’t make a map that reminds people of all the school shootings that happened in USA…

It’s not appropriate IMO…


School shooting


Anyone with half a soul wouldn’t do that. :confused:


i hope its a school map HEAR ME OUT! in england we have lovely old primey schools that are small inside but with large open spaces outside and quite a few of them are abandonded :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately, the recent school shootings in the US are bad.
No-one wants to be reminded of those.

That’s the problem with a school map in PF.


bloody americans and there guns ,_,


: )

Scroll up


) :


my only request is that there are lots of objects to jump onto and parkour around <3


Some if the pics look like they belong in a rich guys villa or a resort.


RIP pepe


Looks like that one map in CSGO, that looked like a hotel


I figured it out but imma keep quiet until they announce the name officially :3


k then


Why is there Pepe the frog on the second image…


They were screwing with it I believe and Mar screwed with it further.


Gg (extra