Map teaser ;)


So basically it will be like Highway, sometimes people snipe and sometimes people just CQC.


ok oh cool


IS IT THE SKYSCRAPER MAP? or did john lie to us


No, it doesn’t feel like so.


OHHH, is this that new one that stylis is making?!!! This is going to be lit


Pshaw, this is a map from insurgency right?


I remember the moment when someone from the stream said, “What if we left the map like this?”.
While building the map, it didn’t have any openings on the outside of the barrier, making the incomplete map closed off.


Assuming from that patch of grass is the center, I think this will be some sort of hotel, or resort

An indoor garden…


But boy I’d love to see this new map of yours @Corgi_Operator @shaylan007 !


Looks good can’t wait to see more developments in the map.


One Word: So damn sexy


This is good. The current maps are very open and range focused. A good mostly CQC map would be a nice change.


10/10 detaail
time to practice my blackscopes


I have an idea. This could be an FFA map (most likely not going to happen) Or a co-op where you can make a party and it’s every team/man for himself/herself/whatever you are. Can’t wait for this map though. What percent is it to completion?


We started like, yesterday or the day before, so I’d say 25%-ish? If even that


Will we get more pics as development continues?


As I put in the original post, yes.


Sweet. Looking forward to it.


It appears to be a park, or maybe since it has walls, a school.


A school map in an FPS? :thinking:

I wonder where that’d end…


“TEC 9 in semi”