Map teaser ;)


A new map Shay and I are working on.

Will update with more pictures as the map progresses.

More screenshots

Are New Maps Coming Out For Phantom Forces?

i cant see it send diffrent one’


Looks like the Mansion map in Counter Strike ( the classic Source one)


Is this supposed to be an arena?


Fancy. Is that a military base?


oh okey then how about that sky scrapper map


teh one agent john featured


You’ll see what it evolves to, but no, it’s not an arena.


Oh ;-;


wait how big is it


that’s just a small center part of it


ok lol phew any sniper spots yet?


This map’s a bit more cqc oriented than long range


ok any funneling spots?


Choke points? A few iirc


ok spreaded out spawns?


Nice Job so far, Only thing that would worry me is that there is nothing that can let you attack it from different angles.

Teams would have to defend each side to hold it and if one side fails and the people fill in that side to make sure to have enough cover to defend, then it could make it vulnerable to attack on the other sides.


Yeah it also needs like a little perch for distance fighters


Doesnt seem to me to be a distance map, might be for just picking off people on the hill, most likely will be a LMG or a CQC map.


ik but like some will whine about it being cqc only